Does High Blood Sugar Cause Fatigue and Tired Feeling?

In fact, fatigue & tired feeling are pretty common in people with hyperglycemia or high blood sugar. Hyperglycemia is a condition when the amount of glucose (a simple form of sugar) in the bloodstream is higher than normal. High blood glucose in the bloodstream can be a signal that glucose metabolism does not work as well as should be.

How does glucose metabolism work?

The performance of your glucose metabolism is closely associated with the fluctuation of your blood sugar. In most healthy people with good glucose metabolism, their blood glucose levels do not fluctuate widely throughout the day.

Typically, your blood glucose reaches its peak level during eating and after meal. And for the lowest level, it usually occurs between meals. And if you are fasting for at least 8 hours, your blood sugar also can be pretty low.

high_blood_sugar_fatigue_illustrationThe fit status of your hormone insulin is very crucial for your glucose metabolism. Without this hormone, your body cannot convert the glucose taken from food that you eat to become energy. To get a specific amount of energy, glucose taken from food need to be absorbed first by cells and muscles of the body from the bloodstream. And insulin has a significant contribution for the mechanism of this absorption.

Your pancreas is the major organ that produces insulin and releases it into the bloodstream. When your body notices that the level of glucose in the bloodstream is high (such as after eating), the brain will send a signal to the pancreas to release insulin into the bloodstream. Insulin then will help glucose to be easier to go and enter into the cells and muscles. Then glucose will be converted into energy and will be used to support your activity throughout the day.

Not all glucose is directly converted to become energy. Some may be stored in your liver as glycogen and in your fat cells as ‘fat’, which both can be converted again into energy when your body needs.

How does high blood sugar cause fatigue, weakness, and tired feeling?

The symptoms of tired feeling, weakness, and fatigue are usually caused by the lack of energy supply for your body. If you have clearly understood the mechanism of glucose metabolism (as written before), now you should be very easy to understand the correlation between these symptoms and high blood sugar!

When the glucose in the blood is poorly absorbed or even cannot be properly absorbed by your muscles or cells of your body as it should be, your blood sugar is easier to rise and you cannot get adequate amount of energy that meet to your body needs.

Even high blood glucose also can be potential tocause unusual weight loss – if there is poor energy converted from glucose, then there is also no excess energy to be stored as fat in your fat cells.

In diabetics and non-diabetics, the following are some bad lifestyles and habits that can increase the risk of developing high blood sugar:

  1. Lack of physical activity – if you are physically inactive, you are relative easier to have hyperglycemia than others who keep active. Regular exercise is important to improve and maintain your insulin sensitivity.
  2. Poor diet – here is a helpful section about some best foods to lower blood sugar.
  3. Taking a large meal at once. Eating a lot of foods (especially for foods high in carbohydrate and high in saturated fat) can make your insulin work harder in regulating glucose in the blood, because glucose taken from foods that you consume can be absorbed directly by the bloodstream. As a result, your blood glucose can rise suddenly after eating.
  4. Skipping your regular meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) or eating irregularly. It is important to maintain and stick with the pattern of your regular meals in order to also maintain and help your insulin to work regularly.

Having high blood sugar symptoms should not be ignored. Prolonged this condition can increase your risk of developing type-2 diabetes.

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