Advanced Prostate Cancer Life Expectancy and Prognosis

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According to the Cancer Research UK, there is about 90 percent (900 out every 1000 patients at stage 1 and stage 2) will live more than five years after the diagnosis was made, and about 65-90 percent will live for at least ten years! However, these statistics are relative which don’t include patients who died due to other health conditions.

Then, how about with the prognosis for the advanced stages?


Stage III /also familiar called locally advanced stage

The survival rate of this group may be the most difficult to be analyzed in statistic, because there are some different groups of patients with stage 3 and there are also a lot of different treatments types and combinations involved in this stage.

Therefore, generally the data of statistic for this locally advance stage usually comes from the clinical trials. There is about 70-80 percent (7-8 out of every 10 patients) will live for at least five year.

Stage IV (the most advanced stage)

If compared to the previous stages, this stage has the worst life expectancy. There is only about 30 percent (1 of every 3 patients with stage 4) who have life expectancy for live at least five years after the diagnosis was made.

Again, this estimation is relative which only associated with the cancer of prostate (doesn’t include other health conditions that may lead to the death in this group).

Additionally, most cases of prostate cancer occur in elderly men and the disease also often develops very slowly (with lower levels PSA and Gleason score). For this reason, there is a chance for patients to die due to other reasons.

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