At Age 60, I Eat This Every Day to Stay Slim and Healthy

In this post I want to share something deeply personal—what I eat in a day to stay slim at 60. My journey with weight has had its ups and downs. Between 45 and 55, I carried an extra 10 to 15 pounds of menopausal weight. By focusing on eating for health and energy, I gradually shed those pounds without strict dieting. For the past decade, I’ve maintained a healthy weight of 140 pounds on my 5’8″ frame.

No Strict Diet, Just Balanced Eating

I don’t follow a specific diet. I’m not vegetarian or carnivore. I don’t count calories or carbs. Instead, I focus on eating mostly plant-based foods. I include a variety of proteins, plants, and healthy fats in my diet. While I try to minimize sugar, I allow myself the pleasure of dark chocolate regularly.

For beverages, I start my day with black coffee. Throughout the day, I drink water, mineral water, or unsweetened tea. Occasionally, I enjoy a beer or a glass of wine—everything in moderation.

The Role of Exercise

Exercise is a part of my routine, but it’s not the main reason I maintain my weight. I take walks most days and visit the Y a few times a week for weight training and yoga.

There have been times when I wasn’t exercising much, yet my weight stayed stable. This makes me believe that diet plays a more significant role in my weight management.

My Simple, Nutritious Meals

I’m not the best cook, and I’m always busy, so my meals need to be quick, easy, nutritious, and healthy. My food choices stay consistent: lots of leafy greens, beans, nuts, and organic produce when possible.

I also take a few supplements. In such case, it’s much better to consult first with your healthcare provider (if necessary) for best result.

The Oatmeal Story: Lowering Cholesterol Naturally

A few years ago, my cholesterol reached 230. I was disheartened because I thought I was a healthy eater. With a genetic predisposition to high cholesterol, I needed to make a change.

I learned that the soluble fiber in oatmeal can reduce cholesterol absorption. I added oatmeal to my diet, and the following year, my cholesterol dropped by 30 points. Although it has slightly increased recently, I’m recommitting to oatmeal.

A Day of Eating

Breakfast: Oatmeal My breakfast is oatmeal, a warm and comforting choice for winter mornings. I use quick oats for convenience, adding apple for sweetness, flax and walnuts for protein and omega-3s, Greek yogurt, and a bit of maple syrup. This meal gives me energy and keeps me full for hours.

Lunch: Chicken and Sauerkraut Lunch is simple: precooked chicken breasts, quickly browned and heated, served with probiotic-rich sauerkraut. This meal is high in protein and antioxidants and ready in minutes.

Afternoon Snack: Green Smoothie I try to have a green smoothie or a large green salad every day. Today, it’s a green smoothie made with homegrown broccoli sprouts, organic blueberries, vegan protein powder, spinach, ginger, lemon, and water. This smoothie feels like a boost of energy in a glass.

Dinner: Black Bean Chili Dinner is a black bean chili. It’s made with black beans, crushed tomatoes, onion, garlic, zucchini, red bell pepper, sweet potato, corn, chili powder, and cumin. This one-pot meal is colorful, nutritious, and ready in about 30 minutes. I garnish it with grated cheese, avocado, and tortilla chips.

Finding Joy in Healthy Eating

Eating nutrient-rich superfoods has transformed my cravings. Fast food no longer appeals to me. Over time, I’ve come to love the taste of green smoothies and other healthy foods.

Please share your favorite snacks and meals so we can inspire each other. Nourishing our bodies with the right foods can lead to better health and more energy. Here’s to embracing healthy eating and staying slim at any age!

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