Can Anti-aging Cream Work without Retinol?

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Squalane + phyto-retinol serum (Biossance)

Since the serum contains squalane oil, it’s more recommended for dry skin. It also gets a boost from other potent ingredients, especially niacinamides (a vitamin B3 that carries similar potent effects of retinol). And of course the serum has the key ingredient, bakuchiol.


All these ingredients would help nourish and fortify your sensitive skin from the get-go without leaving irritation. Plus the price is a bit affordable, only about $55 in personal care and beauty stores.

Glow cycle retin-ALT power serum (Olehenriksen)

Here you find the combination between AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids, a brightening-smoothing skin agent) and bakuchiol to carry anti-aging and younger-looking effects more optimally.

AHAs have reputation to effectively exfoliate the uppermost skin’s layers (when properly formulated), leading to refined and fresher skin. And there are already tones of studies to back up their benefits. Combined with bakuchiol, the serum is not bad idea to try. Also, it’s affordable (lower than $60).

Miracle facial oil (Omorovicza)

When it comes to dealing with aging, free radicals are one of common things to concern. Excess exposure to free radicals would make your aging skin get worse more quickly. Therefore you need a boost from antioxidants, and you can get them from foods (the main ones are fresh fruits and vegetables).


To gain the benefits most, apply directly on the skin to boost antioxidants more optimally. Here this anti-aging product may help. It combines antioxidants and bakuchiol, protecting your skin from premature aging due to free radicals, air pollutant, and sun-damaging UV light.

It seems most bakuchiol products are in form of serum or oil, and it’s hard to find them in cream. Use serum at first than anything else to allow the active ingredients completely seep into the skin. Then you can add moisturizer or anything else afterwards!

Granactive retinoid

To get similar effects of retinol, some anti-aging products use a retinol alternative with other types of retinoids. One of them is granactive retinoid.

Like retinol, granactive retinoid is also a retinoid — but it works by going straight to the target so it carries anti-aging affects with least negative side effects. When you topically apply it on the skin, it doesn’t need to be converted to start working. Instead, it directly binds to the retinoid receptors on your skin.

To reduce side effects more optimally, especially for people who’re prone to sensitivity, it’s usually necessary to combine it with extra ingredients (chamomile for example). Chamomile helps reduce skin redness to a minimum!

One of recommended anti-aging products with granactive retinoid is Rose maroc night elixir (Shiffa). But the price is a bit expensive ($175).


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