Apple Cider Vinegar and Liver Enzymes

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How does it help lose and control your weight?

A promising study was done by Japanese scientists that involved about 175 healthy, heavy people. The study showed that apple cider vinegar might have a role to lower BMI (body mass index) and viscera fat, and also decrease triglyceride levels. Participants also had lower waist measurements after following 12-week treatment.

Although it’s a very, very modest weight loss (according to that study), apple cider vinegar could provide you a slight edge if you were doing all the other things to burn excess pounds of your weight.

Some people also find that it might help promote satiety (feeling of fullness), helping them to control and eat fewer calories a day. But for better result, don’t only rely on this vinegar on its own. Instead, combine it with a healthy-balanced diet, calorie control, and regular exercise.

Is it good for your blood sugar control?

It can help improve insulin response in group of people with type-2 diabetes, according to one small study. Although the improvement is slight and there is no evidence for its effectiveness to alter /prevent diabetes, it is a good way to maintain insulin sensitivity and promote healthy blood sugar levels [3].

Acetic acid of apple cider vinegar can block the absorption of starch, preventing a spike in blood sugar level during a high-carb meal. This can be quite helpful if you have type-2 diabetes, though it may only work when you consume a starch (there is no effect if you drink sugar water).

But if you have established liver disease, it’s much better to ask your doctor first before trying alternative treatments or herbs, including apple cider vinegar. Even you could be placed on a restricted diet to prevent the damage from worsening, depending on the severity of your liver damage.

Also, apple cider vinegar might amplify certain medicines for diabetes. If you’re taking medicines for your blood sugar control, your doctor may need to adjust your dosage!

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