How Apple Cider Vinegar Transformed My Body and Skin in 7 Days

I tried on a seven-day journey to see if a simple health hack could change my life. Inspired by Jesse from Glucose Goddess, who has gained millions of views sharing her health tips, I decided to try her most popular hack: one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar before meals. Her book, “The Glucose Goddess Method,” outlined this vinegar hack, which intrigued me.

The Magic of Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) is made from fermented apple juice. During fermentation, sugars convert into acetic acid, which provides numerous health benefits. Jesse explained that acetic acid can flatten the glucose spikes we experience after meals. This helps to stabilize our blood sugar levels.

Why should we care about glucose? It’s essential for everyone. High glucose spikes can lead to cravings for sweets, energy crashes, brain fog, bloating, and indigestion. I experienced all these issues, so I decided to give this hack a try.

Day 1: A New Beginning

On the first day, I started by measuring my weight and skin condition. I drank one tablespoon of ACV mixed with water 20-30 minutes before each meal. Using a straw helped protect my tooth enamel from the acidity. Throughout the day, my energy levels remained normal, and I felt slightly hungrier than usual two hours after lunch.

Day 2: Noticing Subtle Changes

On the second day, I noticed a slight decrease in weight and no new breakouts on my skin. I felt fuller quicker, which I learned was due to the vinegar slowing down gastric emptying. This means food stays in the stomach longer, making you feel full and aiding digestion.

Day 3: Increased Energy and Less Cravings

By the third day, my energy levels were steady, even though I had slept late the night before. I didn’t experience my usual afternoon energy crash or cravings for sugary drinks. Drinking ACV before meals seemed to keep me full longer and maintained my energy levels throughout the day.

Day 4: The Weekend Test

On the fourth day, I continued my routine even though it was the weekend. I mixed ACV with sparkling water, which tasted surprisingly good. My skin looked clearer, and I felt more energetic. However, I started feeling a bit constipated, which made me realize the importance of a balanced diet with enough fiber.

Day 5: Overcoming Challenges

By the fifth day, I noticed some constipation, possibly due to a lack of fiber. Despite this, ACV helped me feel fuller and more energetic. My skin continued to clear up, reflecting the positive changes in my diet and routine.

Day 6: A Light at the End of the Tunnel

On the sixth day, I felt lighter and more focused. My skin looked better than ever, and my energy levels were consistent. The small changes I made throughout the week started to show significant results.

Day 7: Reflecting on the Journey

On the final day, I weighed myself and noted the changes in my body and skin. My weight had decreased, my skin was clearer, and my energy levels were stable. I felt fuller quicker and longer, which helped control my cravings and improve my focus.

The Science Behind the Benefits

Apple cider vinegar’s benefits are well-documented. The acetic acid in ACV can improve metabolism, reduce fat storage, and lower blood sugar levels.

It also has antibacterial properties, which can help with skin conditions and gut health. These scientific explanations support my observations throughout the week.

Personal Reflections and Tips

  1. Start Slowly: If you’re new to ACV, start with a small amount and gradually increase it. This will help your body adjust to the acidity.
  2. Use a Straw: To protect your tooth enamel from the acid, always drink ACV with a straw.
  3. Stay Hydrated: Drink plenty of water throughout the day to help flush out toxins and prevent dehydration.
  4. Monitor Your Body: Pay attention to how your body reacts. If you experience any discomfort, adjust the dosage or frequency.

Conclusion, A Simple Yet Powerful Change

In just seven days, incorporating apple cider vinegar into my routine had a noticeable impact on my body and energy levels. If you struggle with portion control, energy crashes, or skin issues, this simple hack might be worth trying. Remember, weight is just a number, and the real benefits lie in how you feel.

This week-long experiment showed me that small changes can lead to significant improvements in health and well-being. By adding apple cider vinegar to your daily routine, you might find yourself feeling more energetic, focused, and satisfied.

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