Are There Any Foods to Help Prevent Diabetes Onset?

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Your preference of foods you like would change in time. For instance, unhealthy foods and snacks that you used to love before may seem too sweet for you as your eating behavior becomes healthier – even you may find yourself begin to crave for healthier options.

There are also a lot of options that you can explore to reduce your sugar with fun. For instance, rather than craving for ice cream, you can try with frozen bananas and blind up them for a creamy & frozen treat. Or eating any sweet with your small meal instead of eating it for a stand-alone snack!

Eat your meals regularly!

In general, you have 3 major meals a day. These include breakfast, lunch, and dinner. To keep your insulin sensitivity healthy, eat these meals regularly so your insulin work in a more regular basis !

If necessary, try with some small meals. Spread 5 small meals, for example, throughout the day so you’re better in controlling on what you eat (especially your carbohydrate counting ).

People are likely to crave for a larger portion of meal (including more carbohydrates) if they are overly hungry! With your breakfast (never skip it) and some small meals throughout the day, you can eliminate the chance of having this situation!

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