How to Use Aloe Vera on Face Overnight

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If you don’t have a fresh aloe leaf, there are also many products containing aloe to choose from. Just look for one with free of alcohol and fragrance (if possible). And make sure, it has a high percentage of aloe gel for better results. If your skin is sensitive, prioritize products with less varied ingredients.


Take a small amount of the aloe gel. Then use your fingertips to apply it slowly into your face for 1-3 minutes (do this in circular motion). Apply the gel when your skin is still damp, which is especially true if you have dry skin and need more hydration. Leave the gel on face overnight or until dry /absorbed.

The gel can be used alone or with the combination of other skincare remedies such as honey, lemon, cinnamon, coconut oil, tea-tree oil, and more – depending on the goal of your therapy.

Precautions (what to remember)!

The gel is perfectly safe for most people when topically applied to the skin. Its skin health properties and cooling sensation are one of the best skincare therapies. However it could also cause a few negative reactions, such as skin irritation.

The adverse effects are more likely to occur if you’re allergic to. People allergic to tulips, onions, or garlic tend to be allergic to aloe. To keep safe, do a small patch test. Apply the gel to a small area of your face for a few minutes. If there is no any negative reaction (e.g. redness, itching, or irritation), this should be OK to carry on.

If you have fragrance skin allergies, work with a dermatologist to determine the main culprits of your allergy since it’s difficult to skip all fragrances.

What else to remember:

  1. To get the benefits most, make sure your face is clean enough before applying the gel.
  2. Pay more attention to the eyelids. Don’t apply the gel to the inflamed eyelids. Once inflamed, this could be counterproductive – though aloe gel is supposed to ease irritation.
  3. Don’t apply the gel if you have just had a treatment for skin peel (spa treatment).
  4. Avoid also for any surgical wounds, severe burns, or deep cuts!
  5. To keep safe, ask your doctor first if you have a health problem, being pregnant /breastfeeding, or taking any drugs regularly (this is particularly true for the oral use of aloe).

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