Best Hair Regrowth for Receding Hairline

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Also, it’s recommended to combine the use of this tool with minoxidil rather than use it alone. One study suggests that the positive effect of thicker hair would be more powerful with applying minoxidil [10].


Nevertheless, its efficacy is not conclusive yet (still debatable), though we know there is some evidence. And ‘Yes’, some people claim it does provide a difference. But there are also many people doubt its efficacy, even it could be harmful if not used properly!

For instance, while using this tool before applying minoxidil may help make the treatment work more effectively (this increases the absorption of minoxidil), you’re also likely to have side effects from the treatment.

To keep safe, go easy. Don’t use it excessively — it shouldn’t be more than once a week. If your scalp is sensitive don’t apply any topical hair loss treatment on the day you do. And even though the needles are mini, there is still a chance for infection. So always keep the treatment area clean!

It’s also important to make sure your scalp is ready for small incisions. People with high risk of infection are usually not recommended to take microneedling. Ask your doctor first if you have specific skin condition (e.g. eczema), slow-healing condition (like diabetes), or when you’re taking blood thinners.


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