Best Lotion for Keratosis Pilaris

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Keratosis pilaris (KP), a chicken skin condition, is harmless and usually will improve with age, but difficult to treat. Some treatments are available to help you cope with the problem and may help prevent the problem from returning – but they will not cure it. How about topical treatment with lotion? Which is the best one? Here are some to choose from!

Topic overview

Some people say that keratosis pilaris is incurable. But it’s not completely true. Though currently there is still no cure for the problem, but it usually improves naturally as the age (as noted before) which means it is eventually curable.

Mostly, people are looking for the treatment due to cosmetic reasons. And unfortunately, there are lots of products with poor scientific evidence.

Again, all of the products are not intended to cure the problem. Instead, they are used to ease or control the problem. Typically, if the treatment is discontinued, the problem will return.

So, it is better to look for treatment that can be safely used along with your daily skin care. There may be some products that can get rid of the acne-like bumps of KP quickly, but typically it’s not safe to use them in long term.

Since KP itself is not fully understood yet. There are also lots of myths associated with the treatment for this chicken skin problem. See also the treatments that are ‘useless’ or ‘really work’ in here!

Here are some key points of how the treatment for KP works:

  1. Some treatments are focused to help remove /loosen the bumps and dead skin cells. Creams /lotions containing active acids (especially alpha-hydroxy acid) are great for this function.
  2. Products containing retinoids (derived from vitamin A) may be the most effective treatment. They can help promote cell turnover and prevent the plugging of the hair follicle. But they may cause serious side effect such as skin irritations. These products come in lotion (liquid forms), cream, and gel.
  3. And most treatments are intended to help ease dry skin. In fact, KP is more common in people with dry skin. And in people with this skin problem, dry skin can trigger the problem to flare up. In other words, coping with dry skin is essential to cope with KP in long term.

AmLactin and Lac-Hydrin Five lotion

Both products may not be specifically labeled for KP treatment. But they can help soften and moisturize rough, dry skin.

They contain alpha-hydroxy acid, too. This essential substance can help exfoliate dead skin cells, as written before.

Furthermore, they have humectants and emollients. These are essential to help draw water to the skin and retain the skin moisture, so thus the skin will looks smooth, soft, and not easy to dry.

The result from the use of these lotions can vary from person to person. Some say that Lac-Hydrin Five is better than AmLactin, while others find AmLactin is the best option.


But whatever your choice, use one that is free fragrance! This is important since one with added fragrance tends to worsen your dry skin problem.

How about the price tags? This is another absolute best part of these lotions. They are affordable, typically offered at $12 or lower.

Coconut oil!

It may be not your option since it is an oily product. But there are lots of advantages and reasons of why you may need to try it.

A few seconds after topically applying the oil, your skin can be greasy. So, never use any clothes (especially your favorite dress) 2 seconds later.

But the most important thing, it is safe and great for your skin in long term. It’s cheap, too. You can get it for only about $8 or even under.

Many people find that coconut oil does work for treating their chicken skin condition. See more about natural home remedies for KP with coconut oil in this post!


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