Best Natural Alternatives for Osteoarthritis | More Facts!

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Other natural alternatives

  1. Therapy with the use of magnets! Unfortunately, this practice is not approved yet. Some practitioners think that it may help provide pain relief. But currently, the available evidence doesn’t support it scientifically for pain relief.
  2. Homeopathy! There is a little evidence that it may work for osteoarthritis (OA) pain – according to a literature review release in 2006.


Unlike most of complementary health approaches mentioned before, exercise has been confirmed can help improve osteoarthritis (OA) as well as in health-related quality of life.

Some people with OA think that they should keep the affected joint as safe as possible and keep it from any physical activity. But actually, this is not the real answer to deal with arthritis. Instead, lack movement on the affected joint can decrease the strength of muscles around the joint and this can make the problem worse!

Exercise can boost the muscle strength around the joint. The strong muscles can help control the disease and prevent it from worsening since these muscles can help the cartilage in the joint absorb strain so thus the cartilage will work easier.

However, there are some adjustments you need to know before you start your exercising program. And not all kinds of exercise are safe and recommended for osteoarthritis – see more in here!


First, you are the only one who understands your own body. So, actually you know what your body wants!

If you are looking for alternative treatments for a specific osteoarthritis symptom, make sure you understand the trigger of the symptom. For instance, many times sufferers don’t realize that the flare-up of their OA symptoms is triggered by stress. If stress is the answer, alternatives such as yoga and acupuncture can help.

And still, OA has no cure but it is treatable. The use of alternative treatments should only become a complementary treatment along with the conventional treatments such as taking medicines as well as prescribed, weight control, and regular exercise.

Make sure to tell your doctor first before taking any alternative treatments in order to make sure your choice is safe and will not interact with the medicines that you are taking!

Work with your doctor for best result! Tell him about any complementary approaches that you are taking or you will use.

Make sure that your doctor understands the full picture of what and how you do to manage your health. This is important to get a well-coordinated & safe care!



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