Best Natural Supplements to Promote Hair Growth

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As well we know, there are many choices of natural supplements and vitamins to promote hair growth. But in fact, not all of these products work and approved by the FDA. If you still don’t get any idea which one you should choose, the following are pieces of helpful information.

Supplement only works if you have a deficiency!

If you want to take a specific nutrient supplement for hair growth, it’s important to make sure that you are being at lack of specific essential nutrients.

Remember that supplement is only a complementary choice. It is only required if you have a specific nutrient deficiency, otherwise you’re likely to waste of your time and money!

Even sometimes taking supplement also could be counterproductive. For instance, vitamin A is required to promote hair growth. But if you don’t have vitamin A deficiency and you take vitamin A supplement, too much vitamin A increases your risk of hair loss.

Facts of hair growth supplements

The underlying cause of your hair loss would play a key role. If it has to do with genetics, for example, supplements and vitamins don’t target the underlying cause (though they may also provide a few improvements).

Also, if your hair loss is caused by certain medical condition, the main treatment is focused on addressing that cause.

Along with the main treatments, the following ingredients may also help.


Sometimes it is used as a spice in foods. In herb, the oil of rosemary is extracted (the oil is derived from the leaf) and used in some traditional medicines.

Hair loss treatment with rosemary is typically in topical option. The oil is topically applied on the skin or scalp of where hair growth is expected.

Does it work effectively? If compared with other home remedies such as with saw palmetto, coenzyme Q-10, and beta-sitosterol – rosemary is also quite promising, according to WebMD.

Unfortunately, the mechanism of how it improves hair growth is still not fully understood. In general, it may help improve the blood circulation of the scalp and hair follicles.

How about with the side effects? In general, rosemary is likely safe for most individuals particularly if applied on the skin (topical option).

But rosemary supplements are not recommended for pregnant women and breastfeeding women. If you have a seizure disorder, they also should be avoided because they may worsen the symptoms of the disorder.

Moreover, too much use of rosemary may cause skin redness, kidney irritation, allergic reactions, vomiting, or even uterine bleeding. Taking undiluted oil orally (taken by mouth) is also not recommended. 


Unlike protein and carbohydrate, your body needs zinc in very small of quantity. Nevertheless, the function of zinc is vital for the body to keep functioning optimal.

With other essential minerals such as iron, selenium, iodine, and vitamins – zinc is categorized into a group called micronutrients. Fortunately, zinc deficiency is not common.

Zinc deficiency may cause hair loss. Other symptoms may include dry skin, appetite deficiency, poor insulin sensitivity /low levels of insulin, and digestive problems (such as nausea and diarrhea).

Zinc is needed by hair follicles to start growing. Since zinc deficiency is rare case, it’s important to make sure that you are being at lack of zinc before taking zinc supplement.

For in-depth information about the role of zinc to help prevent hair loss, visit this section!

Zinc supplement is ‘likely safe’ for most healthy adults when taken orally in safely amounts (not higher than 40 mg /day). It is also likely safe when applied on the skin.

However since zinc is typically needed in smaller quantities by the body, taking it routinely is commonly not recommended without the supervision of your healthcare provider [source].


Like rosemary, lavender or ‘lavandula angustifolia’ is also a kind of herb. Both the oil and flower of lavender can be used for medicine. Today, it is very popular to drive away mosquitoes or other insects.

Though there is no adequate evidence to confirm the effectiveness of lavender for hair growth, some experts believe that it is possibly effective to help improve the health of hair.

With the combination of cedarwood, rosemary, and thyme — lavender applied on the scalp is quite promising to help boost hair growth [reference]. What’s more?


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