Best Natural Supplements to Promote Hair Growth

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In food amounts and medicinal amounts, the use of this herb is likely safe for most adults! However, there are also some possible side effects that may occur. These may include increased appetite, headache, constipation, or skin irritation (if lavender applied to the skin).

The use of lavender is not recommended in children, because it may affect the balance of hormones in children. In boys before puberty, the use of lavender may have contribution to cause a condition called gynecomastia (abnormal breast growth).

How about with during pregnancy and breastfeeding? It’s still not clear whether lavender is safe enough for women with pregnancy and breastfeeding. So to keep safe, you should avoid it during pregnancy & breastfeeding!

Atlantic cedar

As well we know, cedar is a kind of tree. And when it comes to medicine, its oil is extracted to make medicine. It is another natural supplement that is possible effective for hair growth. The use of it is practical enough. Just apply it on the scalp of where hair growth is expected.

Like rosemary and lavender, Atlantic cedar is also popular in many cosmetic & perfume products, and products to keep mosquitoes and insects away. And to help improve hair growth, the use of Atlantic cedar oil is usually used together with other oils.

In general, the oil of Atlantic cedar is safe enough for most people – particularly for the option of applying it to the skin. But when it is taken by mouth, there is poor information whether or not this option is safe!

And the use of Atlantic cedar during pregnancy /breastfeeding is also not known enough. Therefore, it’s much better to keep on the safe side, avoid it during pregnancy /breastfeeding!

For in-depth information about a specific natural supplement that works best for your hair growth, see a dermatologist!


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