Best Natural Ways to Increase and Boost Testosterone in Men

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Testosterone replacement therapy may be one of best common ways to improve and boost testosterone in men. This treatment can be prescribed in form of gels, injections, patches, and pills. Though it may help restore your hormone back to normal level, but it also can cause some side effects. Therefore, it’s reasonable if there are many people looking for the natural ways that can increase testosterone more safely before trying a medical intervention.

Can you prevent low testosterone?

The naturally declining of this hormone as the age is perfectly normal, particular if it declines gradually. Typically, men can experience a decline of this hormone for about (1 to 1.5) % per year – and this may occurs after the age of 40. For this case, the medical intervention such as testosterone replacement therapy is only optional.

But there are also some factors that can make it worse. These factors may include obesity (overweight), high blood pressure, diabetes, or other certain health conditions. In fact, low testosterone is pretty common in men with hypertension, diabetes, or obesity.

Experts also believe that drug abuse may affect the levels of this hormone.

The preventable or not-preventable of the problem is closely dependent on the underlying cause.

If the abnormal decline occurs due to the changeable factors (such as drug abuse or obesity), then the problem can be prevented! But if it occurs because of certain health problem that affects organs of the hypothalamus-pituitary (gonadal axis), it is more difficult to treat.

Best ways to boost testosterone in men naturally

These natural ways (non-medication methods) are usually also often recommended by doctors in line with the replacement testosterone therapy.

Control hypertension!

Some studies found that hypertension /high blood pressure may increase the risk of having a decline of testosterone. Men with hypertension may have about 1.8 times more likely to get low testosterone.

The following are some natural ways to decrease the high blood pressure:

  1. Control your stress! There are a lot of things you can do to manage your stress, such as having plenty of sleep (rest), taking vacation, or practicing some healthy coping therapy (such as yoga, deep breathing therapy, muscle relaxation, etc).
  2. Limit the consumption of alcohol – drink it in moderation! Alcohol can increase the levels of your blood pressure which then may contribute in causing more decline of your testosterone.
  3. Don’t smoke! We all agree that cigarette smoking is bad for overall health – so avoid it!
  4. Watch salt on your plate! It’s undeniable that salt can increase the blood pressure. So, reduce it in your diet!
  5. Full your diet with healthy foods (such as vegetables, whole grains, fruits, and low-fat dairy products).

Don’t miss to get plenty of potassium from your diet – potassium can help decrease the high blood pressure, it also can maintain the pressure of blood vessel.

Control your blood sugar!

According to some studies, low testosterone is about 2.1 times more likely to occur in men with diabetes, see more here!

Therefore, it is important to control the level of your blood sugar. Most home remedies to decrease high blood pressure do also work on maintaining the levels of blood sugar.

Here are other 3 keys to remember:

  1. Choose foods low in calories and fat! Still – whole grains, vegetables and fresh fruits are recommended. Full your diet with a wide variety of healthy foods!
  2. Get a regular exercise.
  3. And maintain your healthy weight!

Lose your weight gradually if you’re obese!

Abnormal declining testosterone is about 2.4 times more likely to occur in men with obesity. Obesity is also one of the most common risk factors of hypertension and diabetes.

In other words if you have obesity, you increase your risk of having 3 problems (low testosterone, high blood pressure, and diabetes). So, it’s important to keep the weight off.

If you are being at healthy weight, just keep close on a healthy-balanced diet and do moderate exercise.

If you have obesity, lose your excessive weight gradually by gradually increasing the intensity of your exercise and doing an appropriate weight loss diet!

How about exercise, does it really help?

For men on the borderline between low and normal, having plenty of physical activities can significantly improve theie testosterone levels. But for those with low testosterone, the exercise alone is probably not enough – according to an article published on WebMD.

The following are 3 things to understand:

  1. The weight of the body! Exercise may provide much more potent effect in men with obesity – and of course it also can help burn more excess pounds of the weight.
  2. The age! Older adult men are likely to have lack of physical activities. Here regular, moderate exercises would help a lot to give a boost.
  3. The duration! The testosterone levels fluctuate throughout the day. Morning is typically the highest level, and afternoon is relatively lower. Some studies found that working out in the evening might result more potent effect of improving testosterone levels than if we do exercise in the morning.

Additionally, exercise can give a significant result in improving your testosterone if you are not in good shape with low fitness level. But after a few weeks, you will get used to your workout which then eventually your body may have a lower hormone respond from the same exercise.

Still, regular exercise can give a lot of health advantages. So, the goal of your exercise should not only focus in improving your hormone testosterone.


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