Best Natural Ways to Increase and Boost Testosterone in Men

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Best workouts to increase testosterone

Both moderate resistance and endurance training are great.

  1. Explore more the muscles of your body! Choose a full-body exercise instead of doing a single workout.
  2. Choose lifting heavier weights instead of repeating many reps of lighter weights.
  3. Take shorter rest periods during exercise!
  4. And don’t forget to also include flexibility and cardio training to help promote a much better overall health.

However, don’t go too far! You need to ensure that your body can respond your exercise as well – avoid over-training!

Too much workouts could be counterproductive, causing the negative effects such as:

  1. Losses in strength.
  2. Problems associated with sleeping.
  3. Problem associated with the recovering from your exercise.
  4. Excess soreness.

What else?

  1. Get more vitamin C and zinc from your diet! Both may significantly help produce more testosterone. However, make sure you consume them in moderation to get a gradual increase in your testosterone level.
  2. Get plenty of sleep a day! A research from the University of Chicago suggests that lack of sleep may worsen the decline of testosterone. Furthermore, having plenty of sleep is also helpful to manage your stress and promote good overall health.
  3. Choose healthy fats (unsaturated fats – such as salmon and sardine) instead of unhealthy fats (saturated fats)! Still, eat them in moderation because they also contain calories.
  4. Wear appropriate briefs so thus there is no overheat that can negatively affect your scrotum.

** For more advice, consult more with a professional trainer or your doctor!

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