What are Best Shampoo and Conditioner for Hair Growth?

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For the second goal

If your goal is to help stimulate new hair growth, choose the best shampoo and conditioner products that also have active ingredients to trigger the new growth of hair!

For this goal, there are several choices. And the following are some of them.

Hair thickener shampoo and conditioner

As the name implies, these products are purposed to help reduce the hair loss appearance. The ingredients can vary from product to product. But in general, most of them can contain panthenol, grape seed extracts, or soy protein.

If you are looking for natural choice for hair thickener, saw palmetto berry or green tea extract are some of choices. However to keep safe, discuss first with a dermatologist or a professional herbalist before using them because they should be used with caution [3]!

Minoxidil shampoo and conditioner

The use of Minoxidil to help improve hair loss problem is approved by the FDA. You can use it in the form of shampoo, two-in-one conditioner & shampoo, or lotion.

The way on how it works is not fully understood. Several years ago, it was a common medication to treat hypertension (high blood pressure). But many hypertensive people who took it experienced excessive hair growth.

For in-depth information about the effectiveness of minoxidil and how long the significant improvement of minoxidil can be seen, visit this section!


It has been a popular product of shampoo to treat hair loss. It works by removing buildup that can trigger more hair follicles to remain at the resting phase. Eventually, it may help reduce the amounts of follicles that go into the shedding phase.

Unfortunately, not all experts agree with the effectiveness of Nioxin for hair loss treatment. There is still no definite evidence showing it is more effective than regular shampoo [4]. Typically, it is harmless and you can use it without prescription.

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