Bleeding During Pregnancy after 6 Weeks (First Trimester)

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Other possible reasons

These may include:

  1. Changes of cervix, such as more blood that flows to the cervix which then may cause harmless vaginal bleeding (typically occurs after a pelvic exam or intercourse). For this case, it should not be worried but you need to report to your doctor to keep safe!
  2. Cancer of cervix.
  3. Infection! Vaginal bleeding during pregnancy 6 weeks /first trimester also can occur if you have infection of vagina and cervix. This infection can be caused by certain sexually transmitted infections (like herpes, gonorrhea, or Chlamydia).

What you should do – when you should call a doctor?

Since bleeding in any trimester could point a problem, again make sure to report your bleeding symptom to your doctor! Also write down the blood type of your bleeding symptom, specific color of the blood (such as red, pink, or brown) and other characteristics (like full of clots or smooth). Use a pad in order to track how much you are bleeding!

Call /see your doctor immediately if you have one or some of the following symptoms:

  1. Unusual high fever (100.5 F /38.05 C or higher).
  2. Unusual vaginal discharge that also followed with tissue.
  3. Fainting /dizziness.
  4. Severe bleeding with /without pain.
  5. You experience intense cramps /pain in your lower abdomen.

Sexual intercourse and the use of tampon should be avoided when there is still bleeding. Your doctor may ask you to take an ultrasound test or other appropriate tests to find the exact cause of the problem.

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