Guide to Boost and Build Immune System Naturally

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It’s thought that larch has potent substances that may help build immune system stronger. For instance, there are some people who take it regularly when they are prone to sickness.

Although the link is not clear yet, but some studies found promising results! A new research suggests that it may help reduce the risk of having colds by about 23 percent.

There are some larch supplements that you can purchase without prescription at pharmacy. Just make sure to choose one with ‘larch resist-aid’ label.

Aloe Vera

It can be an effective treatment to help minor burns, frostbite, or wounds. It may also have an effect in modulating immune response – though there is still no adequate evidence to support this claim.


Claims of health benefits from ginseng are many. But most of these claims are not supported by research (including for its ability to improve immune function).

However, some studies suggest that it may have positive effect in improving immune response, though these studies are small. There is still no sufficient large study that shows a high enough quality of evidence to support this claim.


How about ginger?

The same goes for ginger. It is also thought can act as immune system stimulant – but there is still no adequate evidence.

However in Ayurvedic traditions, it is thought can help warm the body, cleanse the lymphatic system, and reduce toxins in certain parts of the body (such as in sinuses and lungs).

Other facts you need to know?

The following herbs are even not too recommended since they may carry serious side effects – though they are also often claimed for immune boosting herb:

  1. Licorice root (Glycyrrhiza Glabra), commonly used in traditional Chinese medication for treating a number of different diseases. But since most of its benefits (including for immune response) are not proved yet, and it carries some side effect – it is likely considered as an herb to avoid.
  2. Studies looking at the effectiveness of Echinacea in treating and preventing cold are not well designed. Furthermore, it’s not recommended to take it on a long-term basis to prevent colds. Because it has potentially serious side effects!
  3. Astragalus products are also marketed to help stimulate the function of immune system. These products are derived and made from the root of the plant. But unfortunately, this claim comes without adequate evidence. Even it may be dangerous, too.
Manage your stress!

For many years, scientists and researchers have looked at the link between stress and immune response. Although they do believe that there is a connection, but so far this is not fully understood yet.

The following are the results of some studies:

  1. A study that observed hospital employees after a significant earthquake in LA found that these employees had decreased activity in some immune system measurements. Similar results showed for people in the most heavily damaged neighborhoods 4 months after the passage of big Hurricane Andrew in Florida.
  2. In people caring a family member with Alzheimer’s disease, a significant change in T cells was found in those who had least outside help or fewest friends – according to a year-long research.
  3. Depressed patients are likely to have lower level of T cell activity. The similar result occurs for people who are divorced.

These studies suggest that stress is likely to decrease the function of immune system – and most experts agree. So it’s important to manage and control stress as well.

Many times, it can be inevitable but you should not lose control on it. Here are some tips to cope with stress!

Laughing more…!

Try to keep having sense of humor. Laughing is good for everyone. It is the cheap way to beat stress, too.

And the good news, it is also great for your immunity by boosting your leucocytes and curbing your stress hormones.

Good relationships for good immunity!

One thing to remember to help build good immunity is by having good relationships with others. And never let yourself to become too isolated!

There are many factors that can affect your health (including your immune system). But making meaningful relationships with others is always worth a try.

In fact people who feel connected with others – whether with a few best friends or a large group, are likely to have better immunity than those who feel alone (according to some studies).

What else?

Below are other things you can do to build your immune system naturally and make it stronger:

  1. Drink alcohol in moderation. And try to drink without smoking at the same time. It’s thought that the effect of drinking is worst when you do it with smoking.
  2. Maintain your healthy weight, and lose it gradually if you are obese! Healthy weight can provide numerous different health advantages, including for your overall immune system.
  3. Hygienic practices are also important. For instance, wash your hands before cooking and eating to reduce the risk of penetrating any invaders into the body.
  4. Catch some rays (about 10-15 minutes) every day! And if you want to spend many hours for outdoor activities during summer, don’t forget to use sunscreen!
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