Can Anxiety Feel Like A Stroke?

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For instance, paralysis is very common in stroke but it usually doesn’t occur in anxiety disorder. Analyze also the most symptoms that occur – whether most of them are the symptoms of stroke or anxiety.

Trembling, sweating, feeling weakness /tired /powerless, feeling apprehensive, the heart beats faster, and increased rate in breathing are the common signs of anxiety disorder, according to Mayo Clinic. For more information about the common early symptoms of an impending stroke, visit this section!

Furthermore, learn also risk factors of stroke and anxiety that you have. For instance, take a look at your family history! Stroke is more likely to occur in people with a family history of the same health problem. It also tends to occur in older adults (older than 55 years-old).

However, you should not take a conclusion and make a diagnosis on your own! Analyzing the symptoms that are present is often not enough to make a diagnosis of both health problems.

Some numerous procedures and tests are needed before your doctor make a diagnosis. If you are experiencing one of the symptoms mentioned above, see a doctor promptly!

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