Can Bad Sperm Cause A Miscarriage?

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However, there are lots of factors that can cause a pregnancy loss, and the sperm quality ‘maybe’ one of them.

In general, factors or problems present in women often have much more contribution in triggering a miscarriage. Bad sperm quality may be suspected as the cause of the problem when no other causes are found.


If you are a man, and you in doubt whether the quality of your sperm have an effect in causing a pregnancy loss, see a doctor for more advice! Your doctor can closely exam your sperms to find the answer whether or not they have contribution to cause chromosome abnormalities.

In addition, while bad sperm may cause abnormalities of chromosome, but these abnormalities are usually not linked with father or mother’s genes [5].

What are other common causes?

After chromosome abnormalities, other factors that can be potential to cause a miscarriage include:

  1. Maternal health problems, such as uncontrolled thyroid disease, diabetes, hypertension, hormonal problems, infections, problems of immune system (autoimmune disease), or cervix /uterus problems.
  2. Maternal age factor. The risk of getting a pregnancy loss rises with the age of mother. Women with pregnancy in the age of 40 or older are at high risk.
  3. Blood clotting problem. In the cases of pregnancy loss in the second trimester, a condition called thrombophilia is one of top leading causes [1].

Working (particularly if pregnant women are not exposed to harmful radiation or chemicals), moderate exercise, and intercourse are not commonly linked to a miscarriage!


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