Can Colon Cancer Affect the Bladder?

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Cancer in another organ in or around pelvic can be large enough to put more pressure to bladder. And this can impair the bladder function.  Pelvic region is the area containing bladder and reproductive organs.


For instance, cancers that grow in /around pelvic area (including cancers of colon, rectal, prostate, cervix, and uterine) can lead to urinary incontinence, poor control in urination. Cancers of any organ in /around pelvic region can cause pelvic pain, too!

Some cancer treatments may have an effect, too!

Some treatments for cancer can affect bladder. Radiation and chemotherapy are often used to help treat colon cancer.

Bladder itself is quite sensitive to radiation. Although the cancer cells in the colon are the main target, the radiation may also affect surrounding tissues and organs such as bladder.

image_illustration357The similar thing goes for chemo medicines. Some carry the risk that may cause nerve damage, including for some nerves that help control urination. See more the side effects of chemotherapy in this post!

Hormone therapy could affect particular part of your urinary system. For instance, too much hormone therapy may dry out urethra.

Colon cancer and its treatment are difficult to cope. But with a good treatment plan, there is always a chance to cure it. Even some lifestyle measure can help, too.

Since colon is a part of digestive system, food that you eat may have a role to help cope with the disease. Though actually, there is no specific diet for patients with colon cancer!

However, some foods may make you become more difficult to cope with – see more in here!

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