Can You Develop Psoriasis from Stress?

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  1. Infection! This skin disorder is thought as an ‘immune system disorder’-related disease. In other words, anything that can give bad impact on the immune system also can affect psoriasis. Streptococcus infection is often associated with psoriasis. In children, strep throat can be the first onset of a condition called guttate psoriasis. Any skin infection may also trigger the flare-up.
  2. Injury to the skin! The disease often appears in skin areas where get traumatized /injured.
  3. Drinking too much alcohol.
  4. Exposed to extremely weather such as too cold weather.
  5. Some sufferers also find that smoking can worsen the problem.

In addition, there are also some medicines associated with triggering psoriasis. These include indomethacin (a kind of anti-inflammatory’ non-steroid’ medicines for arthritis), quinidine (for heart medication), Inderal (hypertension medication), some antimalarials, and lithium (commonly used for some psychiatric disorders).

Stress management for psoriasis

It is difficult to prevent stress in this modern living. However, it is manageable. In other words, many times stress can be an inevitable condition, but you can manage it!

The following are some helpful tips to manage stress for psoriasis:

Reduce your stress as much as you can!

Again, many times we cannot avoid stress completely. But you can reduce it when you can. Try reducing highly-charged conditions when you can.

For instance, when you cannot completely avoid it, you may find an alternative idea to alter it. If necessary, work with your family and friends, tell them that you need support to deal with stress in order to prevent the flare-up of your psoriasis.

Then if you need to go with something stressful, plan it as well. Plan to keep it short so thus you can reduce your stress!

Knowledge is the power to cope with the problem

Educate yourself about psoriasis! With your knowledge, you can find a sense of control over your problem. For instance, if you clearly know about what happen during the flare-up, you will be better on how to cope with the problem and how to manage it as well.

Make your priorities!

Again, many times we cannot prevent stress but you can manage or reduce it. One of simple ideas is by prioritizing what matters most to you.

Recheck you daily schedule, and choose some activities that you should prioritize, such as daily psoriasis skin care. Reduce some activities that can be counterproductive in dealing with your stress!

Get adequate sleep!

Having sleep deprivation is not only bad for your overall health but also will put you at greater risk of having more stress. People with sleep deprivation are easier to get stress than people with adequate sleep.

Therefore, make sure to always get good adequate sleep (both in quality & quantity), schedule your sleep for better result (try to go to bed & wake up about the same time every day)!

Do regular exercise!

One of best idea to keep far away from stress is with regular exercise. Many experts agree that this idea can be an effective stress management. Moreover, it is also great for your overall health.

All kinds of exercise are commonly good for stress management. If you have other health conditions, it’s recommended to discuss first with your doctor before starting exercise in order to keep safe!

If necessary, consider doing certain techniques that are specially designed to help release stress. See this section for more ideas of helpful relaxation techniques to cope with stress.

Eliminate bad habits that can worsen the problem!

Some people tend to choose smoking or even drinking more alcohol to reduce their stress. But these ideas are bad and even can make everything get worse.

As mentioned before, many people with psoriasis find that too much alcohol consumption can trigger the flare-up. Furthermore, alcohol can reduce the effectiveness of some medications for psoriasis.

And for smoking, it is clear that this bad habit is so harmful for the overall health. Smoking also can be a trigger of a condition called palmar plantar pustulosis (a form of psoriasis).

Both too much drinking alcohol and smoking can increase the risk of developing some complications from psoriasis such as depression or maybe cancer.

Join to a community to get more support!

The risk of getting more stress is greater if you have psoriasis. Therefore, it’s good idea if you also consider joining into a community that can support you. In fact, many people find that having the opportunity to voice what they feel can be helpful enough to reduce their stress.

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