Can Dust Mites Cause Eczema?

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There are several myths, facts, and opinions associated with the cause of eczema. How about with dust mites? Some people have an allergic reaction to them. And many eczema sufferers also find the problem can get worse or the flare-up can be triggered by dust mites. Does it mean that they have contribution in causing eczema?

Where you can find dust mites in your home?

They can be found anywhere.  But typically, they are often found in largest numbers in certain objects such as beddings, mattresses, or other places where they can find what they can eat (such as flakes of human skin). And we usually shed our skin-flakes in bed.

Furthermore, they also can be found in curtains, furniture (especially soft furnishings), or carpets.

Can you get rid of them ‘completely’?

Theoretically, it is not easy to remove all of them from the whole house. In other words, there is always a chance for you to find them in your home. However, you can decrease their numbers so thus you can reduce your chance of getting them on your skin.

Cutting down on dust is one of basic things you need to concern. In fact, dusts can contain some dust mite droppings. That’s why, it’s recommended to clean around your house at least once a week.

But since adults with eczema often find irritation from vacuuming and this can be a starting point of the flare-up, it is better to ask someone else without eczema to help vacuum around the house.

Do dust mites cause eczema?

image_illustration127Even the exact cause of eczema itself is still not fully understood (unclear yet). Currently, experts theorize that the problem may occur due to the combination of different factors such as over reactive immune respond, genetic, or even environmental factors.

So, like most things associated with eczema such as stress, gluten, or alcohol – dust mites are not the cause of the problem.

However, many sufferers find that dust mites can be a trigger of the flare-up or worsen the symptoms, as noted before. Therefor if you have this chronic disorder, it is commonly also suggested to keep far away from them.

Does anti-house dust mite spray help?

There are available some products that are designed to help eliminate dust mites from your home. One of them is anti-house dust mite spray, but should you use it? Does it work effectively?

Well, it can be one of your alternative choices. However, it should be used carefully since there is a chance for it to become a potential irritant for some eczema sufferers. Furthermore it is also not cheap in price and there is still no strong evidence that it works effectively.

Simple steps to reduce dust mites in your home

As mentioned before, it may be impossible to make your home 100% free from dust mites, but there are plenty of options you can do to reduce the number of them.

And if you still don’t have idea where to start, the following are some helpful tips of simple steps you can follow:


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