Can Dust Mites Cause Eczema?

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Pay attention to the curtains of your home!

Curtains are one of the most essential elements of interior. However, it can be harmful for your overall health when you don’t clean them regularly.

Dirty curtains can be one of the comfortable spots for dust mites to stay. For best result, choose using roller blinds and washable curtains. Wash them regularly!

Make a best choice for your pillow and duvet!

To keep safe, fit your duvet, pillows, or even mattress if necessary with barrier covers. Though this option can be expensive, but it can help reduce dust mites in your bedroom.

Don’t forget to clean mattresses regularly! And wash bedding at least once a week (wash it at temperature at least 60 degrees Celsius).

In addition, there are also available duvets and pillows that are easier to wash (man-made pillows & duvets) than those containing feathers. They are less likely to be a comfortable place for dust mites.

If necessary, avoid using carpets!

Dust mites are also often found in carpets, particularly in carpet that is rarely cleaned and washed. For best result, clean and wash your carpet regularly at a temperature of at least 60 degrees Celsius!

But if you want a practical choice, you can replace the carpets with wooden flooring. This can be expensive, but it is not only great for your interior but also can be so helpful to reduce dust mites in your home.

And if you have a plan to buy furniture, choose some that are covered in vinyl or leather. Some that come with washable covers are also not too bad idea.

What else?

In fact, dust mites love to stay in the damp rooms. Therefore, improve the air circulation of your rooms. This can help reduce humidity so thus dust mites are not comfortable to stay.

Moreover, reduce placing unnecessary accessories /ornaments in your bedroom. Choose enclosed display cupboards to place books instead of using an open shelve!

And don’t forget to regularly clean your heater /air conditioner (particularly for the air filter of the unit)! Doing regular maintenance for these units is not only important to maintain the air quality in the room, but also helpful to improve the efficiency performance of the unit (energy saving).

Additionally, if you have a plan to purchase a new vacuum cleaner, choose one that is designed with high-powered filter.

For many people with severe eczema, dust mites can be a trigger of the flare-up or can worsen the symptoms. Talk with your doctor /dermatologist for best result in coping with the problem!

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