Can Eczema Be Cured Completely?

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Unfortunately, many times the problem becomes chronic. Even medically, eczema is categorized into one of common chronic skin disorder. The word ‘chronic’ means that the problem can come periodically and then will subside either with its own way or with appropriate treatment.

So currently, there is still no cure to treat & get rid of it completely! There is a chance for the problem to recur.

Nevertheless, there are available some treatments that can ease and improve the symptoms. Some treatment options are also available to help reduce the chance of getting the next outbreak.

In other words, most cases of this chronic disorder are manageable! The good news, it is not contagious. And typically, it is not a sign of another serious health condition – but the symptoms (particularly the itchy sensation during breakout) can be very bothersome.

What can you do to manage eczema?

The treatment plan can be influenced by several factors, and therefore it may vary from person to person. Typically, it is designed to address all of the potential triggers so thus the flare-up can be prevented.

In general, avoiding the triggers (such as certain foods, gluten, or anything that can trigger the flare-up or worsen the symptoms) is the core of the treatment plan. And these triggers can vary.

The use of steroid cream or emollient (moisturizer) is the conventional treatment. This cream /moisturizer can be applied on the skin topically. While some are not able to use steroid cream due to numerous problems /side effects associated with it, most eczema sufferers can use emollients.

Emollients are more intended to help prevent the flare-up and improve dry skin. Therefore, it should be used as a part of the daily skin-care routine.

The treatment plan may also combine different approaches, from conventional treatment options to the use of some alternative treatments (such as traditional Chinese therapy). Furthermore, some diet changes also can be so helpful for some. See and consult more with a doctor /naturopathic doctor for more advice!

In addition, many people with eczema require lifestyle counseling. Eczema is not a life-threatening condition, but the symptoms can be embarrassing and very bothersome. And all these things can increase stress, and stress is also a trigger, as noted before. Therefore, emotional support can be so important.

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