Can Gastritis Cause Infertility?

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As long as you drink in moderation, there should be nothing to worry (unless your doctor asks you to completely avoid alcohol in case if you have severe gastritis). No evidence confirms that a few drinks per week can impair fertility. But the story is different for heavy drinking!

According to a Swedish study in 2004, women who drink more than 1 drink per day may have an increased risk of having ovulation disorders.  Also, alcohol can hurt the stomach lining, making your gastritis take longer to relieve!

Being sedentary

Lack of physical activity (sedentary lifestyle) carries a number of consequences, including decreased fertility. In contrast, keeping active is a good way to make you more fertile. Working out can help keep you healthy, strong, slim, and have full of energy – which are so vital when you’re trying to conceive.

But it’s important to exercise moderately, because exercising too much could be counterproductive. Extreme exercise will carry negative impact on your ovulation, making it irregularly. So again, moderation is the key.

Environmental factors

It’s also important to keep yourself from exposure to any bad things from environment that may impair your fertility. For examples; excessive exposure to pesticides, pollutants, or industrial compounds!

According to a comprehensive review released in Environmental Health perspectives (2013), exposure to those harmful chemicals may cause a decline in chances of having children by about 29 percent.


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