Can High Blood Sugar (Hyperglycemia) Cause Seizures?

Seizures can be triggered by too low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) and maybe by too high blood sugar (hyperglycemia). But overall, they are commonly linked with a condition called epilepsy. Furthermore, they also can be a warning sign of other health conditions. What else you need to know about the truth of seizures and hyperglycemia?

Seizure – what actually is it?

To control the movement of your body, your brain needs to send some small electrical signals around the body. For this mechanism, your body is equipped with a lot of nerves – these nerves acts as carrier for those signals.

Theoretically, seizure occurs when the brain sends abnormal /wrong signals which then eventually can affect the way of the body’s function.

Epilepsy is the most popular problem of nervous system that often linked with seizure. And it can affect people of all ages. But as written before, epilepsy is not the single reason of this symptom. The following are other health conditions that also can be potential to cause seizure:

  1. Toxoplasmosis or tapeworm (this is a kind of parasitic infection). Encephalitis or meningitis sometime also can trigger seizures.
  2. Certain health conditions that have developed since birth (connatural problems)!
  3. Imbalance glucose of bloodstream (particularly such as hypoglycemia /too low blood glucose).
  4. Aneurysm (a kind of structural defect that occurs in the brain).
  5. Problems that damage to the brain such as an injury of head, brain tumor, brain surgery, and stroke.

In addition – an extremely fiver (especially if it occurs rapidly) and withdrawals of illegal drugs, certain prescription medications, or even abusing alcohol may also trigger  and cause seizure.

Can hyperglycemia or high blood sugar cause seizures?

high_blood_sugar and_seizures_illustrationIt is clear that hypoglycemia or too low blood sugar can be a trigger factor of seizure – as noted before. This suggests that the glucose balance in blood that flows into the brain is very important for the brain to keep functioning properly.

In diabetics, seizures are more common linked to hypoglycemia as opposed to hyperglycemia. Even this symptom is recently not linked with hyperglycemia. Read the most common symptoms of hyperglycemia on this section!

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