Can Irritable Bowel Syndrome Be Cured?

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How does irritable bowel syndrome affect the body?

The clearly cause of IBS still remains puzzling. Some studies are ongoing for this.

So far, we can say that it has to do with a combination of different factors. Infections affecting the intestines and miscommunication between the brain & the gut are probably the main culprits.

If you have IBS, your intestines are more sensitive to certain foods. Wrong choice of foods that you eat may trigger the symptoms (such as gas bloating, diarrhea, abdominal pain & cramps, constipation, etc). Therefore, it’s important to know the trigger foods of the symptoms.

What are these trigger foods? The answer varies, even we can say there is no two cases of IBS that are exactly same. The trigger foods for your symptoms may be slightly different than others.

Therefore, most patients with IBS need to take a trial process of diet before finding the best one to cope with the problem more effectively. In general, there are also some common foods that should be avoided for most people with IBS – see more here!

Also, there is no single formula of medication that works for everyone. Doctors usually prescribe the medicines based on the symptoms that are present – consult with a doctor or your GP for in-depth information!

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