Can Kidney Cancer Die on It’s Own?

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  1. Factors related to wrong diagnosis.
  2. Sometimes it is difficult to find the histological confirmation.
  3. Another challenging thing, there may also be incorrect interpretation of simultaneous changes related to the patients’ condition.
  4. Factors related to lack of reliable data. For example, sometimes the patient skips the follow-up visits, leading to the lack of the medical history. And although spontaneous regression of renal cell carcinoma is well documented, but many times it’s still not enough to the conduction of detailed survey or any definite explanation.

In many reviews considering the spontaneous regression of kidney cancer, these problems are often mentioned.

Interestingly, immunotherapy has been widely used as a common treatment for kidney cancer. This suggests that this cancer is more susceptible to the action of the body immune system. Even some experts say that it is one of malignances most susceptible to immunotherapy.

Do lifestyle measures have an effect?

The role of lifestyle approaches along with the main cancer treatment also has been studied over many years. While they do help the patient to cope with the disease, the answer of whether they can help boost your chance of having spontaneous regression of the disease is not clearly known.

However some people believe that a dramatic change in lifestyle (such as diet) may help increase the chance of making the cancer go away naturally. These may include:

  1. Diet low in sugar (glucose). It’s thought that cancer cells run on glucose to thrive, even they may use and absorb glucose for energy without insulin. There is also an opinion that diabetics (people with diabetes) are at high risk of particular cancer. Read more this issue in this post!
  2. Following a strict anti-cancer diet in which you eat more foods high in active compounds that can help fight against cancer.
  3. The positive emotions. If you have cancer, it’s important to keep motivated with positive emotions – you need to have a feeling of love coming from within you. Getting adequate support from your environment, especially your family is also important. Moreover some people believe that the third type of positive emotion, spiritual type of love for example, may help too.
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