Can Myocarditis Cause Bruising?

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  1. ECG (electrocardiogram) test. It can help analyze the heart rhythms through the heart’s electrical activity. As written earlier, abnormal heart rhythms can signal heart problems such as myocarditis.
  2. X-ray test, specifically in the chest area. It can show a detailed image of the chest area including your lungs, heart, and other structures in the chest. With this visualization, your doctor can analyze whether you have fluid or other abnormalities in your chest area.
  3. Echocardiogram, an imaging test that involves sound waves to result moving images. It is usually effective to look for inflammation of the heart and its structure, valve problems, fluid around the heart, or a clot inside the heart. The sound waves are transmitted into the body from a small device called transducer – then the waves are reflected back to provide moving images of the heart and its structures.
  4. Sometimes a cardiac MRI test, an imaging test that involves a magnetic field and radio waves, is required. This procedure can provide other variables to diagnose myocarditis such as the heart’s shape, size, and structure.
  5. Blood test to look for any abnormalities in the blood that signal damage of the heart muscle. It is also helpful to find specific antibodies against viruses, bacteria, or other parasites that might signal a myocarditis-related infection.
  6. If necessary, a heart biopsy is occasionally required to make correct diagnosis. In this procedure, a tiny sample of myocardium is removed with a special instrument and then the sample will be analyzed in the lab to look for infection or inflammation.

The effective way to treat skin bruising is by limiting the bleeding with a cold compress or an ice pack wrapped in a plastic bag & towel – place it on the affected area and hold for about 10 minutes. This home remedy is usually more effective while your skin’s bruise is still reddish.

Never put any ice pack straight on your skin, otherwise your skin might get injured!

Most cases of skin bruises will improve after several weeks. If they last longer, more than 2-3 weeks for example, see a doctor – this is especially true if you also have other unusual symptoms such as chest pain and shortness of breath!

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