Can Myocarditis Come Back (Prognosis)

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  1. Most of the time, myocarditis is caused by infections. So if you have any infection elsewhere in the body, it’s better to treat the infection quickly – this is particularly true if you have a personal history of myocarditis.
  2. To keep safe, restrict direct contact with others who have a viral infection (including flu-like illness), bacterial infection, or any other infectious illnesses until they’re recovered. And if you’re being sick with viral or infectious symptoms, try to restrict /avoid exposing others.
  3. Eliminate any risky behaviors that increase your risk of getting infections such as HIV. For examples, avoid using illegal drugs and don’t practice unsafe intercourse!
  4. Practice good hygiene! Infections often spread through hands. Regular hand-washing is important to help prevent spreading contagious disease.
  5. Take your vaccines! Skipping vaccines increase the risk of developing infectious diseases which some may cause myocarditis. And keep up to date on the recommended vaccines!
  6. Eliminate exposure to ticks. Don’t forget to wear long pants and long-sleeved shirts if you need to go to tick-infested areas. If necessary, apply insect /tick repellents (especially one that contains DEET).
  7. If your myocarditis is a consequence of another chronic condition such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, diabetes mellitus, or an autoimmune condition – you need to keep the underlying disease under control so its complications are preventable!

Some changes in diet are also important if you experience lingering heart damage. Your diet can play a key role to maintain your healthy blood cholesterol and blood pressure levels, two variables that are so important to keep your heart working healthy. For examples:

  1. Keep your dietary salt at minimum level. Excessive salt in your diet can cause hypertension and provoke your heart to work harder.
  2. Restrict saturated fats such as red meats and fried foods. On the other hand, include more foods high in healthy-unsaturated fats such as avocados, salmon, and olive oil.
  3. And include more healthy foods such as fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grain!

Also, drink alcohol in moderation and avoid smoking!

Since no one knows exactly how to prevent myocarditis and its recurrence, it’s recommended to see your doctor promptly if you experience symptoms of the disease (particularly if the symptoms develop after a recent infection)! Don’t wait until the disease becomes advanced!

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