Can Prostate Enlargement Lead To Cancer?

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  1. Urinary retention! There is a chance for patient to lose his ability to pass urine at all. For this case, the use of catheter can be used. It is a tube inserted into the bladder to exhaust the urine. Surgery is another treatment option to cope with urinary retention.
  2. The chronic episodes of inability to entirely empty the bladder may increase the risk of developing stones in the bladder, causing new problems such as bladder infection, irritation, blood found in the urine, or even bladder damage
  3. Urinary retention due to enlarged prostate could cause damage to the kidneys, too.

Home remedies to cope with prostate enlargement (BPH)

Fortunately, mostly BPH is not dangerous condition – and again, currently it is not linked to the raised risk of prostate cancer. Even in some cases, the symptoms improve without treatment.

In general, the treatment and medical intervention for men with mild symptoms of enlarged prostate may not be immediately necessary. Instead, they are suggested to take regular checkups to monitor the progression of the disease.

The treatment is usually required when the problem gets worse or starts to pose a health risk! Some medications are available for coping, Surgery may also be suggested when the problem doesn’t respond to the previous medications.

Some home remedies and lifestyle approaches can help cope with BPH symptoms, these include:

  1. Stay warm, because low temperature can trigger more urges to urinate.
  2. Weight control is helpful, too. If you are obese, lose your excessive weight gradually! As mentioned before, obesity is linked to enlarged prostate.
  3. Boost the level of your physical activity, make your exercise regular and do it most days of the week! Lack of physical activity can contribute to cause constipation, urine retention, and obesity.
  4. Follow the urge and don’t delay it! Frequently ignoring the urge to urinate might overstretch the muscles of your bladder which then may cause bladder damage over time.
  5. Keep drinking plenty of water throughout the day in order to keep hydrated. No matter you have or don’t have prostate enlargement, your body always requires plenty of liquid to keep running well. But, it is better to limit drinking water in the evening and avoid drinking about 1-2 hours before going to sleep!
  6. Some beverages can worsen the problem. Alcohol and caffeine can trigger the body to make more urine. So, it’s much better to restrict these beverages!
  7. If you need to take antihistamines / decongestants, talk to your doctor first! Because they may tighten the muscles around your urethra, causing more difficulty to pass urine.
  8. Practicing a simple method called ‘double voiding’ may help! It is urinating twice with a few moments /minutes in between.
  9. To make the habit of your urination become regular, it’s also good idea to schedule your bathroom visits! For instance, you can schedule to urinate every 4-6 hours throughout the day.
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