Can Psoriasis Be Caused by Allergies?

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Although the abnormality of immune system may play a key role in allergies as well as in psoriasis, unfortunately the link of both problems is not proven yet.

But many experts believe that individuals with psoriasis tend to have a greater chance of inflammatory mast cell and this can be a trigger of some allergic reactions such as itching or swelling.

Mast cells are special cells that can be activated by the immune system. Many times, these cells are responsible for many symptoms of allergies in the intestinal tract, lining of the nose, lungs, and skin.

The prognosis and outlook

It’s not always easy to predict when your psoriasis or allergy strikes. But it’s clear that both problems need medical intervention to improve. Typically, they don’t improve with home remedies alone.

Therefore if you notice the symptoms, find a medical help promptly! Never ignore the symptoms because they can generate some serious complications if left untreated.

The good news, the flares of both problems can be prevented. Psoriasis is also not a contagious health condition as well as for most allergies.

If you have both problems, it’s much better to stay away from your allergens and psoriasis triggers (followed with a good daily skin care). Consult more with a doctor for more advice!

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