Can Receded Hairline Grow Back

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A test-tube (in-vitro) study suggests the potential benefit from caffeine to provide extra protection from counterproductive effect of DHT [4]. For this reason, Alpecin caffeine shampoo could be another alternative solution. But this finding is not final yet, more studies are required.


If you do concern to get rid of your receding hairline without frequently taking pills (Finasteride) or applying topical foam /lotion (Rogaine), hair transplantation probably is your best bet. Although it is more costly, it would provide permanent results.

Receded front hairline prognosis, baldness or …?

Since receded hairline is often associated with male pattern hair loss, it tends to get worse if left untreated. Over time, it may progress to partial or complete baldness.

In male pattern hair loss, also called male pattern baldness, front hairline recedes in an “M” form. This may be followed with thinning hair on the crown. With age, both receding hairline and thinning crown get worse. Eventually this may create horseshoe shape of baldness.

The good news, it doesn’t always end up with baldness. With appropriate treatment, hair loss is treatable and prevented from getting worse.

With treatment, receded hairline is less likely to become permanent, though the prognosis can also vary from person to person. For more guidance, see a dermatologist! Just make sure to use FDA-approved hair loss treatment so you would not waste your time and money.


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