Can You Eat Eggs If You Have Gout?

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Cooking with eggs is one of practical options. They are cheap and everyone can get them easier. They can be found in many supermarkets. But if you have gout, you may wonder whether it’s safe to eat eggs since they contain some purines, protein where uric acid comes from. High uric acid is an alert for the flare-up of gouty arthritis to recur.

Essential nutrients in eggs

They are high in nutrients, especially protein. One egg can provide some unsaturated fats (healthful fats) and about 6 grams of protein. Other essential nutrients include zeaxanthin (good for your eyes), lutein, and choline (good to improve memory).

image_illustration237However, egg yolks are rich in cholesterol, too. On average, one egg can contain about 212 mg of cholesterol.

And you may think that all of those cholesterols can go straight to the bloodstream. This is not always true. For most people, most of the dietary cholesterols are not absorbed, only small amounts of them go into the blood.

In other words, your dietary cholesterol can increase your blood cholesterol (LDL or bad cholesterol). But you need to know that dietary saturated fats are the top leading cause of the increased LDL – see more in here!

It’s commonly considered safe to eat not more than one egg per day, the recommendation from AHA (the American Heart Association). And in general, egg is not bad for the health of your heart as long as you eat it in moderation.

If you do love eating egg and want to eat it more than one a day without worrying about the risk of increasing blood cholesterol, you can skip the yolk. Unlike the yolk, egg whites are free of cholesterol.

For people with gout, eating eggs is commonly considered safe

Even though you have gouty arthritis, egg is not recommended to be avoided. It contain some purines, but not in high-purines category.

There are several ways to eat it for gout, from with practical options (such as simple hard-boiled, scramble, bake, or even fry egg) to other ways for a wide variety of flavors (such as omelets and quiche).

And make sure to use the healthy ingredients that will not promote excess inflammation, too!

Gouty arthritis is inflammatory disorder. Therefore, it’s also important to restrict foods that can cause /trigger excessive inflammation in the body – see more this issue in this post!

For instance, if you want to make fry egg, it’s better to use olive oil. And for making quiche, you can choose low /free-fat milk.

Other foods you can eat and enjoy with gout

While some specific foods are not recommended and you need to avoid (particularly such as foods containing high purines), there are still plenty of foods you can still eat safely and enjoy, even some may help improve and provide better outcome of your gout, visit this section for in-depth information about these foods!

The good news, gouty arthritis is relatively more curable than other forms of arthritis – though many cases of this joint disease can be chronic. There are some sufferers who never experience another attack after they experience the first attack of gout.


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