Can You Get Rid of Gestational Diabetes – Why and How?

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But before starting any exercise, it’s recommended to discuss with your doctor for best result! Your doctor can give appropriate advice about types of exercise you can do with pregnancy!


Gaining weight normally

It’s normal and very common to gain weight during pregnancy. But make sure you gain your weight properly!

With regular exercise & healthy diet, gaining some pounds of weight is a sign that your fetus /baby is normally and continuously growing.

How many pounds of weight you need to gain in pregnancy? Here is a helpful link for more detailed information about this issue!

What else?

It’s much better to also exclusively breastfeed your baby after delivery! This is not only useful to ensure your baby get the best nutrients for the growth, but also can help restore your healthy weight after pregnancy. Moreover, this may help lower your risk of type-2 diabetes later in your life and lower your baby’s risk of obesity.

In addition, if these home remedies are not enough to control your blood sugar, your doctor would prescribe blood glucose control medication (such as glyburide) and some insulin replacements /insulin injections. There is about 10-20 percent of pregnant women with GD need to take additional insulin to help maintain their blood sugar level – according to Mayo Clinic.


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