Can You Get Rid of Type-2 Diabetes by Losing Weight?

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Most cases of diabetes is type-2. While probably there is a chance to get rid of it, doctors say it currently has no cure. But each case is unique! Some people say they successfully reverse the disease — anecdotal reports on this are ample. Reversed diabetes doesn’t mean the disease is cured, but you can manage your normal blood sugar without medication. Can you also do this by losing weight?

In general, diabetes treatment is a lifelong commitment to manage the blood sugar levels. This is not only important to manage the disease, but also crucial to eliminate the risk of the complications from the disease.

Exercise is a good way to improve insulin sensitivity

Exercise is one of best natural ways to help improve insulin sensitivity in people with type-2 diabetes – so thus the body can be better in managing the blood sugar level. Furthermore, exercise is important to maintain your healthy weight or lose your excessive weight (if you are overweight). It’s best idea to maintain the strength of your muscles. All these things are good for your fit status.

If you are physically inactive, don’t jump directly with strenuous exercise. Start it slowly, increase gradually until your body’s ready for the next level.

Try with about 20 minutes of exercise a day, and then increase it gradually! In essence, make sure to make it as a part of lifetime commitment – do it regularly!

To start your exercise, here are some helpful tips:

  1. In the morning –  do 10 minutes of stretching and aerobics. Don’t go too far – you can use the stairs of your home for some free aerobics /stretching. Or do 10 minutes of moderate walking.
  2. And in the evening, try with resistance dumbbells /bands for about 10 minutes.

*For more advice, consult more with a professional trainer! See also best foods to eat before exercise with diabetes on this section!

Do at least about 150 minutes per week for exercise. You don’t need to do a strenuous exercise at once and push yourself too hard. Instead, spread it over the week. Do moderate exercises for at least once in 2-3 days.

Diet plays a key role, too

With appropriate diet and regular exercise, you’re likely to control the disease with less medication.

The following are some good things to remember in diet for diabetes:

  1. Controlling carbohydrate is very crucial. Too many carbohydrates can boost the level of your blood sugar. Therefore, it is very important to keep the balance of your carbohydrate intake – eat it in moderation!
  2. Get plenty of some fiber a day.
  3. It’s also important to eat enough protein. Red meat is high in protein – but it’s much better to choose more protein from plant-based protein.
  4. If you love eating breads – choose some that are also high in fiber.
  5. Get more healthy fats such as avocados and fatty fish.
  6. Check the nutrition labels so you have a guidance what to eat and what to avoid!
  7. For more advice, discuss more with a professional dietitian for diabetes!

In addition, watch also on calories. Even healthy foods contain calories, eat everything in moderation!

Can you get rid of it by losing weight and exercise?

There is still no answer for the cure of the disease. But again, doctors say it’s possible to reverse the disease.

You may not be able to get rid of it forever – but you can put it in retreat by following a few lifestyle measures, including losing weight if you’re being obese

I have an aunt diagnosed with type-2 diabetes in 2009. She got the diagnosis of the disease with a little surprise. Before the diagnosis, she didn’t realize that she was at high risk of the disease, though her both sides of family have a family history of the disease. She did not fully commit to healthy lifestyles in lowering the risk of the disease. But now she knows clearly the consequences of ignoring this.

Her diabetes had begun to affect her vision (blurred vision) with other common diabetes symptoms. She said ‘the high sugar of her blood was scared me – but now I am continuously trying to control it”. In the process of dealing with her diabetes, she found that eating right andexercise are two crucial keys to reverse the disease. “Both ideas are much better than any prescription medicine” – she said.

If you are overweight and diagnosed with this disease, gradually losing your excessive pounds of your weight would significantly help control the disease and improve your chance to reverse it.

Again, managing this disease requires a high commitment in long term. Although lifestyle measures are vital to control the disease naturally, sometimes your doctor may also recommend supplement or medications to help deal with.

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