What Can You Do To Increase Sperm Count?

Many times, most people still have perception that problems of fertility are often associated with a woman’s problem. But in fact, about 33 percent of all cases of infertility are caused by the male fertility partner. Sperm count is one of the major issues in male fertility. Men with low sperm count are more difficult to make their partner to become pregnant than others who have normal amounts of sperms in the semen (liquid that is ejaculated together with sperm). There are some options to boost and increase it, how?

What is the normal sperm count for men?

In fact, some men with normal counts of sperms in their semen are difficult to father children. On the other hand, some with low amounts of sperms in their semen can successfully get their partner pregnant.

image_illustration73This suggests that normal sperm count is only one of many variables. In other words, there are lots of factors that affect fertility in men.

But in general, the chance for men to make their partner become pregnant decreases with the decreasing sperm counts. Other factors that have an effect that you need to concern are the motility and morphology of your sperms!

To get to know how many sperms in your semen per ejaculate, your doctor needs to analyze your semen. A semen analysis also can help analyze the motility (the movement of your sperms – how fast they are in swimming and penetrating into the female’s egg) and morphology (the shape and structure of your sperms).

Most experts say that fewer than ‘39 of sperms in semen per ejaculate’ or lower than ‘about 15 million of sperms per 1 mL of semen’ is commonly considered abnormal or too low.

Normally, it should be 15 to 200 million of sperms or more per 1 mL of semen! Some men can have a condition called ‘azoospermia’ or when there is no any sperm found in the semen.

What can you can do to increase your sperm count?

According to a study conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health, presented at the American Society for Reproductive Medicine’s annual meeting, on October 2013 – eating fish, regular exercise, and reducing processed meats (like bacon) may help increase and improve the sperm count in men.

In this study, about 150 men with fertility problem were involved. The study was focused on the effects of lifestyle factors on the fertility of participants.

The study found that exercise (especially weight-lifting) may have a positive contribution to boost sperm counts in men. Researchers think that the effect of exercise that can improve insulin sensitivity and boost testosterone levels is the reason.

Furthermore, the dietary foods also can play a key role in affecting the sperm quality. Here is the summary of other results in this study:

  1. Participants who ate halibut, cod, or other white meat fish got better sperm quality than others who ate more processed meats.
  2. Those who ate about 1-3 servings of processed meats a day got the worst quality sperm.
  3. The most significant improvement found in men who ate more bluefish, tuna, salmon or other fatty fish. They got 34 percent higher sperm count than others (particularly those who took diet very low in fish).

These results suggest that eating more fish that is loaded with healthy fats (such as omega-3 fatty acids) and other essential nutrients may be great to increase the sperm count.

On the other hand, more processed meat you eat may have an effect in decreasing the amounts of sperms in your semen. However, researchers are still not able to clearly explain the reasons of how these things occur!

What else can you do to improve your overall fertility?

The following are some common lifestyle approaches to improve male fertility:

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