Causes Of Why Depression So Hard To Overcome

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Depression is a real psychological illness that affects the brain. Experts believe that it is linked to changes in brain chemistry that can be serious if left untreated. Fortunately, it is controllable and treatable condition. However, sometime it can be so hard to overcome.

Topic overview

Feelings of sad or blue can strike anyone, including you. But normally, these feelings usually last within a couple of days and typically short-lived.

image_illustration192The problem comes when these feelings last longer than usual or chronic (often come and go, particularly without clearly reason). These can be depression and there is a chance for the problem to interfere with your daily life.

Depression is a common condition but can be a serious illness. Unfortunately it is often underestimated! Many depressive people are less likely to seek treatment, especially for depressive men.

What are the causes of depression?

There are a variety of causes. But most experts believe that it is caused by a combination of different factors such as psychological, environmental, biological, and even genetic factors.

Another theory, it is thought as a consequence of the imbalance of chemicals in the brain (especially chemicals that are used by cells in the brain to communicate). This is longstanding theory but it has not been proven yet.

In one study, imaging-tests such as with MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) have shown that the parts of the brain (in some depressive people) used in thinking, mood, appetite, behavior, and sleep look different.

Unfortunately, this finding cannot explain the reason of why this occurs. These imaging-tests also cannot be used to help make the diagnosis of depression.

Symptoms and signs

These can vary particularly on the duration, severity, and frequency of the symptoms. Depressive people don’t all have the same symptoms.

The common symptoms include:

  1. Persistent feelings of sadness, ‘empty’, or anxious.
  2. Loss of interest to activity – even for certain activities /hobbies you used to enjoy.
  3. You may also have feelings of helplessness, hopelessness, or worthlessness.
  4. Weight change, either weight loss (appetite loss) or weight gain (overeating).
  5. Irritability, restlessness.
  6. Decreased energy (energy loss) and fatigue.
  7. Sleep problems such as oversleeping or insomnia /difficulty sleeping.
  8. Difficulty in remembering details, concentrating, or making a decision.
  9. In severe case, you may have thoughts of suicide /death or even suicide attempts.

Additionally, depression may also cause headaches, aches /pains, cramps, or some digestive problems.

Why is depression so hard to overcome?

In some cases, the problem is more difficult to treat. The reasons / causes for treatment-resistant depression can vary.

Some of these reasons are changeable, but there are also some beyond your control. But overall, depression can be cured!

If you are coping with depression for many months or even years, you might wonder why it doesn’t improve and you cannot feel better. One or some of the following reasons may be the answer!

You don’t take the medicine properly!

Antidepressants are the common choice of medicine to help treat depression. It can take about 6-8 weeks to see the improvement from the medicine.

But some depressive people don’t stay on the medicine long enough or stop taking the medicine too early. Even some doctors give up and recommend switching the medicine too early.

Other factors that can make the medicine work less effectively may include:


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