Causes Of Why Depression So Hard To Overcome

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  1. Skipping doses! You need to clearly understand that the medicine will work less effectively if you don’t take it as prescribed.
  2. Some depressive people choose to stop taking the medicine early when they experience unpleasant side effects from the medicine. If you want to stop taking it due to certain reason, make sure to talk to your doctor first!
  3. There may be any medicine interaction. Antidepressants can interact with other medications. Therefore, the use of them should be only with prescription. These interactions can affect the effectiveness of antidepressants or could be counterproductive/ even dangerous in some cases.
  4. Antidepressants can work differently in different depressive people. The bad news, you need to take the medicine to get to know how well it works! In other words, you may need to try a variety of different medicines with different doses to find one that works best. But before finding the right one you may give up.

Wrong diagnosis


Another possible cause is the use of wrong medicine due to wrong diagnosis. Sometime depression can co-exist with other health conditions such as anxiety disorder or bipolar disorder.

It may also come on before or after other illness. Therefore, it’s important to find the clearly diagnosis!

Genetic factor

It’s also thought that certain genes may have a role in making some cases of depression so hard to treat. Some studies have begun to look at the role of genes in harder-to-treat forms of depression.

If genetic factor does have a role, it is beyond your control. But this doesn’t mean that there is nothing you can do. Work with your doctor for more advice!

Abusing drug or abusing alcohol

Depressive people are at high risk of abusing alcohol. Many of them think that drinking is the answer to help cope with the problem. But actually, this can worsen the problem and may interfere with antidepressant medicines.

The same effect goes for abusing drug. A substance abuse problem should be concerned as well. If you have this problem, see your doctor to get help!


Other health conditions

Depression can occur due to the complication of many health conditions such as thyroid problems, cardiovascular diseases, stroke, cancer, and so on. Other psychiatric conditions also can contribute to depression.

If your depression is linked to other conditions, the treatment is not only about taking antidepressants but also involves other medicines to treat another health condition that causes your depression.

Prognosis and outlook

It can vary – while some can treat their depression easily, others can be difficult to treat, as noted before.

However in general, even for the most severe cases of depression, these can get better with treatment.

The treatment plan is usually dependent on the severity of the problem and whether you have other health problems. Psychotherapies, medications, and other methods are available – and these can work effectively to treat many cases of depression.


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