Causes of Loss of Grip Strength

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Multiple sclerosis


Another possible cause behind loss of grip strength is MS (multiple sclerosis). The exact cause is not revealed yet. However currently, experts believe that it is linked to the abnormality of immune system.

In MS, the immune system mistakenly attacks the sheath covering the nerve fibers. This sheath is medically called myelin.

The damaged myelin affects the way of brain in accepting signal /message delivered through the nerves. As a result, the brain cannot accommodate as well the way of how you use your eyes, muscles, or other functions involving the role of these nerves.

The symptoms can vary. It can affect the sufferer in many ways, from psychological problems to physical symptoms that can to lead to lifestyle changes required to respond the disease. In general – the following are common symptoms of this autoimmune disease:

  1. Hearing or/and vision problems.
  2. Poor coordination and balance, causing difficulty walking.
  3. Decreased strength of muscles, such as muscles weakness in legs and arms.
  4. The sufferer may also feel tingling, numbness, or even pain in certain parts of the body.
  5. Problems in controlling bowel movement and bladder function.
  6. Dizziness.
  7. Fatigue, a common symptom in many autoimmune diseases.

All of these symptoms can increase the risk of psychological problems such as depression.

Parkinson’s disease

Like most problems that affect the brain, Parkinson’s disease is also linked to the age. In fact, it is rare in young adults. On the other hand, the risk increases as the age. Most sufferers are at the ages of 60 or over.


It occurs when the cells of the brain that have function to make dopamine (a neurochemical) are damaged. The cause of this damage is not known yet, though some theories have been purposed from genetic factor to environmental factors.

Dopamine is so vital to support the function of your brain.  It helps you have a well-coordinated muscles movement. When you have lack of this neurochemical, you can experience tremor (a classic, well-known symptom of Parkinson’s disease) or other movement symptoms.

Unfortunately, it is not easy or may be too difficult to catch the existence of this disease at early stage. The early signs can be intermittent and very vague. But the following early signs may occur before the main symptoms of the disease:

  1. This sign is linked to many different causes. Typically, it is caused by poor diet (especially low in fiber). But some sufferers with Parkinson’s disease may have chronic constipation about 12 years before they experience the motor symptoms of the disease.
  2. REM behavior disorder, a sleep disorder that can cause physically acting out dreams. This disorder may start to occur about decades before motor symptoms.
  3. Losing sense of smell that may start about 4-6 years before any dysfunction in movement.

Parkinson’s disease still has no cure. But there are some options of treatment that can help for coping. Some physical therapies and exercises can help the disease from worsening and improve living skills such as grip strength, balance, and motor coordination.

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