Causes of Too Much Facial Hair Growth in Women

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  1. Taking anabolic steroids (a kind of supplement that is derivatives of testosterone). It is often abused to build muscles.
  2. PCOS or polycystic ovary syndrome. It is a condition in which the female body develops hormonal imbalances (particularly imbalance of female hormones). Experts say that it may be the most common cause that can trigger the higher production of androgens in female body. Too much facial and body hair growth is not the single complication from PCOS-related with hirsutism. Diabetes, weight gain, acne flare-ups, and menstrual problems also can occur!
  3. The side effects of using certain medicines that can trigger hair growth such as minoxidil, cyclosporine, phenytoin, or diazoxide. Furthermore, danocrine (a medicine used to help treat endometriosis) also can cause hormonal imbalance.
  4. Cushing’s syndrome, as noted before.
  5. Tumors that affect ovaries or adrenal glands.

However, not all women with hirsutism have high levels of androgens. Some may have normal level of this hormone (a condition that usually ends with unclear diagnosis for the cause of the problem).

Can it be cured?

The answer may be closely dependent on the cause of the problem.

If the cause is reversible, the problem can be cured completely. For instance, if the cause is the side effect of using certain medicine, the problem should go away once you withdraw taking the medicine.

In general, there should be always a chance to treat and cure it. For more advice, consult with a healthcare professional or your doctor!

What are the treatment options?

Like in the prognosis, the cause of the problem also can play a key role in determining the treatment plan.

If the problem is caused by tumor, the treatment approaches can be different than if the cause is Cushing’s syndrome or only the side effect of using certain medication.

For instances, a tumor of adrenal glands or ovaries needs to be removed through surgery. If the cause is certain medicine, your doctor can help switch it. And if overweight /obesity or other lifestyle factors also have an effect, losing weight or other appropriate steps can help!

In the case if the cause is not known, the treatment plan can combine appropriate self-care steps and hair removal options (such as with laser hair removal, waxing, or electrolysis hair removal).

Additionally, your doctor may ask you take a counseling to support psychologically. For some women, having hirsutism can be embarrassing and frustrating. Therefore, you may need a psychological support!

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