Chance of Gestational Diabetes in the Second Pregnancy

For many women, being diagnosed with gestational diabetes (a kind of diabetes that only occurs during pregnancy) can be upsetting. Once you get it in one pregnancy, there is a chance for you to experience the same condition in your next pregnancy. The chance of getting gestational diabetes in the second pregnancy (for the second time) varies from woman to woman. What else you need to know?!

Prognosis of gestational diabetes (GD)

The good news – most women diagnosed with GD can cope with the problem, have a healthy pregnancy, and also can have a healthy baby from a normal delivery.

Monitoring & controlling your blood glucose, eating right /healthy eating, and moderate exercise /getting plenty of physical activity are the primary treatments. If necessary, your doctor may also prescribe oral insulin medication to help maintain your blood sugar.

Fortunately, again it only occurs in pregnancy – as noted before. In other words, if you successfully control your blood sugar as well during pregnancy, the risk of getting complications due to your GD can be minimized and then it will go away naturally after childbirth. Your blood sugar fluctuation and the performance of your insulin usually will back to the normal about 4-6 weeks after delivery.

To determine whether your GD has gone, you need to take a glucose tolerance test about 6-8 weeks after the day of your childbirth. Visit this section for in-depth information about this kind of test!

Insulin is a hormone that very crucial to help absorption of glucose from blood plasma ‘bloodstream’ to the cells of the body. In other words, once the mechanism of your insulin production and the performance of your insulin (insulin sensitivity) back to normal, your body will back to its optimal performance in controlling blood sugar.

gestational_diabetes_in_the_second_pregnancy_illustrationBut this doesn’t mean that you are allowed to stick with unhealthy diet and eat all what you want without considering your carbohydrate counting after pregnancy!

It’s much better to keep sticking with a well-balanced diet and healthy practices. Because you need to always remember that having a personal history of gestational diabetes means you now are at high risk of developing type-2 diabetes (the most common diabetes type) later in your life!

Chance of getting gestational diabetes for the second time

As written before, if you have a personal history of this health metabolic problem in your previous pregnancy, there is a chance for you to have it for the second time (such as in your second or third pregnancy). But there are some ways you can do to help prevent it and keep your risk low!

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