Change in Menstrual Cycle with Age

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In general, most women with perimenopause experience the following process [4]:

  1. Their ovaries keep releasing eggs, but this mechanism will begin to become less regularly.
  2. Point-1 then will be followed with gradually declining production of estrogen & other hormones (such as progesterone, androgen, and testosterone).
  3. Point-1 and point-2 can significantly affect the female fertility. In other words, their chance of getting pregnant decreases significantly.
  4. As the age, all of these things can cause more cycle irregularity and fewer cycle of ovulation which then eventually end with menopause (the last menstrual period or the final menses).

So, in the years of perimenopause, your menstrual periods both the length and flow tend to become irregular. And then as you age, they will completely disappear ‘permanently’.

Change in period is not the single symptom of perimenopause. The menopause transition also can be followed with other symptoms (both emotional and physical symptoms) that may include:

  1. Changes in urination (frequent urination).
  2. You are easier to have muscles /joint aches.
  3. Declining liquid in the genital area (vaginal dryness).
  4. Excessive sweating at night and hot flashes.
  5. You may be also relatively easier to have headache.
  6. Declining sexual desire.
  7. Changes in mood.
  8. Difficulty sleeping.
  9. Difficulty concentrating.

Like in puberty, the phase of menopause transition is also followed with the hormonal fluctuation. This is the reason of why some women with perimenopause can experience symptoms and signs similar to PMS (premenstrual syndrome).

Additionally, a study found that women with menopause transition have varying patterns of fluctuations of hormones. This suggests that the way of perimenopause can vary from woman to woman.

We can say that there may be no two women who will experience menopause transition with the same way!



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