What are Cholesterol Medications with Least Side Effects?

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  1. Policosanol. It can be extracted from beeswax or produced from sugar cane. According some studies, it may be pretty helpful to lower LDL. But unfortunately, there is still no strong scientific evidence to confirm this issue.
  2. Red yeast rice. If you want to use it, make sure to choose a red yeast rice-containing product that is free from lovastatin (a substance that can be found in the Mevacor). Like policosanol, the effectiveness of red-yeast-rice supplement is also still debatable.
  3. Guggulipid! According to a clinical study in India, guggulipid provide a significant reduction of cholesterol in the bloodstream. What is it? It is the gum resin – derived from the mukul myrrh tree. But according to a US clinical trial, the effectiveness of guggulipid is also still debatable, especially for the issue of its efficacy & safety.
  4. Other supplements that may help lower LDL are garlic, artichoke leaf extract, fenugreek leaves, and fenugreek seeds – however again, the effectiveness of these supplements is not yet scientifically confirmed.

Since most of those supplements are still not scientifically proved, make sure you talk with your healthcare provider /doctor before taking them for your treatment and therapy in order to keep safe!

Do exercise regularly!

Lack of physical activity can increase the risk of raised LDL. In fact, regular exercise is also crucial for your weight control. 

Learn more on how exercise can help boost the level of your HDL in this section!

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