Can Crying, Laughing, and Singing Help Lose Calories?

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Losing calories is intended to help lose weight for obese people who trying to restore their weight back to normal. Eating foods low in calories, avoiding stress, taking regular exercise, and improving metabolism sound very familiar when it comes to burning more calories and losing weight! But did you know that there are other lots of things that can help provide weight loss and you may not know them before? These can include singing, crying, laughing, etc. Nevertheless, some of them may be only myth. Find more facts of these issues on the following section.

Does crying help burn calories?

Most of all physical reactions can burn calories. Some physical reactions come from different causes. When you are exercising, you get sweating to respond the increased temperature of the body during exercise. And when you get upset or being miserable, you can cry. Other emotional stimulus may also cause physical reaction.

It’s perfectly normal to get crying due to reasonable reason. You can lose about 1.3 calories per minute when crying – an this can be a bonus to lose weight if you are trying to get back your healthy weight.

However, you should not use crying (medically called lacrimation) as a part of your weight loss program.

And crying with unreasonable reason can be a sign of certain mental disorder such as depression and bipolar disorder.

Does crying make you feel better or worse? Many individuals often refer to a cry as good /normal cry, and therefore they often say that they will feel much better afterward – is it always true? Yap, there is nothing wrong with this opinion, but in fact it is also not always! Few people feel that crying doesn’t have any effect.

According to a Dutch study that involved about 200 women, most of participants felt better after crying. But there are also some women who didn’t find any effect afterward. And even few women got worse feeling after crying.

This suggests that the effect of crying to your emotional (whether will be better or worse) may be closely associated with the cause of crying itself. For people with depression, anxiety or other mental disorder – crying may worsen the problem.

How about laughing? Can it also help burn calories?

Many research found that laughing can provide lots of health advantages for the body. And like in crying, your body also need to burn calories when laughing. How many calories are burned from laughing?

Laughing can help burn about 1.3 calories per 60 seconds in adults – according to a study conducted by the Vanderbilt University. It may burn a little bit more calories than crying.

laughing_to_lose_calories_shutterstockRegardless to the advantage in burning calories, you should not use laughing as part of major steps in your weight loss program. Just use and do it naturally! And again, if there are some calories burned from laughing, it can be a bonus along with the following other health advantages:

  1. Laughing can help promote better relaxation and sleep. People with ankylosing spondylitis (a medical condition that can cause a painful spine) can try laughing therapy to improve the pain. Some patients with this health problem reported that they got about 2 hours of pain-free sleep after laughing for about 10 minutes.
  2. It may also help improve the level of blood sugar in people with diabetes. According to a study that involved patients with diabetes, patients who watched a comedy and then they took a blood test afterward to measure their blood sugar – the result of test found that these patients got lower blood sugar.
  3. Laughing also can help improve your blood flow, according to a study conducted by the University of Maryland. See also why losing weight can help lower blood pressure and cholesterol in here!
  4. Improving your body immune system. The key is due to laughing can help release stress. As well we know that your immune system tends to decrease during stressful period. Furthermore, avoiding stress also can help remove one of risk factors of weight gain. See also why stress can cause weight gain on this previous section!

If you love singing, it also can help you lose some calories!

Any physical activity requires energy – as noted before, and your body can get energy by burning calories from foods that you eat from diet. And singing is also a kind of physical activity. In other words, it also can help burn calories and can be one of painless options of weight loss that you should try!

How many calories you can burn from singing? It’s dependent on how long you sing the song, the kind of song itself, and whether there are other movements /motions you do along with your singing (such as singing by standing or just sitting, playing guitar or even drum, etc). The current weight that you have may also have an effect on how many calories you will burn from singing.

Unfortunately, there are still few studies that observe the effectiveness of singing in burning calories.

You may be able to burn up to 45 calories per 20 minutes of singing by standing, according to an article published on Live Strong.

This suggests that you should not only rely on singing to lose your weight, because singing alone doesn’t help enough to lose weight if you are overweight. Other appropriate steps are required to restore your weight fast and safely.


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