How to Cure Fibromyalgia Naturally?

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However, it’s important to start your exercise safely. If you get used with physically inactive condition, start your exercise slowly and increase the intensity gradually!

Moderate walking, swimming, and water aerobics can be a good choice to start your exercise. If necessary, discuss with a physical therapies to have a comprehensive and structured exercise.

One thing you need to remember, do your exercise moderately! Too much on your good days may become counterproductive. So, keep it on an even level!

Alternative treatments

Like in the conventional medical interventions for fibromyalgia, alternative treatments such as acupuncture, yoga, massage therapy, and tai chi are more focused to help improve and manage the symptoms – bot not to cure the disease.

Since many of alternative treatments for fibromyalgia have not been completely studied, it’s better to talk with your doctor first before deciding to try taking one of these treatments.

However, some clinician-assisted treatment options are endorsed by the American Pain Society. These include therapeutic massage, acupuncture, hypnosis, and chiropractic manipulation for pain relief.

Most of these complementary treatments may help by relieving stress and ease the pain. For instance, a therapy called therapeutic massage can help by manipulating the soft tissues & muscles, and reduce deep muscle pain.

Additionally, the disease may increase the risk of depression and even social isolation. For this reason, it’s also important for patients to get emotional support, particularly from their family.

Joining into a group /community such as the American Chronic Pain Association where you can share your experience and get more support from others also can help.

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