Can Decaf Coffee Cause High Blood Pressure?

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  1. Age. Older adults are more sensitive to the hypertensive effect of caffeine than younger adults.
  2. Your body mass.
  3. Gender – women may be less susceptible to the caffeine’s hypertensive effect than men.
  4. Certain chronic health problems, like anxiety disorders.
  5. And certain medicines that you are taking. Some side effects of certain medicines may get worse if you get too much dietary caffeine.

Nowadays, drinking coffee is a part of daily routine of some people (adults). In general, there is nothing wrong with this habit as long as your body can tolerate the amounts of caffeine you take daily.


To see how far caffeine give impact on your BP, measure your BP with a sphygmomanometer within 30 minutes to an hour of drinking a cup of coffee. If the result of the test shows 5 to 10 points of raised blood pressure, this may signal that your blood pressure is sensitive to caffeine!

How much caffeine is considered too much?

In general, about 200 to 300 mg of caffeine per day is the moderate doses of recommended daily allowance (RDA) for most healthy adults [source].

But if you have certain health conditions (like hypertension), you may need to restrict caffeine lower than the recommended daily allowance. In such case, consult with a doctor for more advice and in-depth information!

If you think that you are healthy and don’t have hypertension, but recently you often experience anxiety, restlessness, or headaches – it’s not bad idea if you take a look at how much caffeine you drink a day! If this is too much or more than 500 mg of caffeine per day, consider cutting back!

In addition, coffee is not the single source where you get caffeine into your body. There are now lots of caffeinated beverages. This issue also should be concerned so thus you can stay on the recommended dietary allowance of caffeine!


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