Delayed (Late) Period on Birth Control – More FAQs!

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Birth control pills for other reasons!

Nowadays, birth control pills are not only purposed for preventing pregnancy. For instance, some women use these pills to have fewer periods or to regulate their irregular periods.


Today we can find some pills specifically designed to help lengthen the interval time of between periods, such as ‘Lybrel’, ‘Seasonique and Camrese’, ‘Seasonale, Quasense, & Jolessa’, etc.

Advantages and disadvantages of delaying your period! As well we know that menstruation is often followed with some uncomfortable symptoms, and even sometimes the symptoms may significantly affect your productivity. In general, delaying your period will be worth if:

  1. You often experience frequent, prolonged, heavy, and even painful periods.
  2. You also have other uncomfortable symptoms such as mood swings, bloating, or uncomfortable breast tenderness in the 7 – 10 days before your menstruation.
  3. You experience headache /other uncomfortable symptoms-related menstruation during the week you use your placebo pills (inactive birth control pills).
  4. You also have a mental /physical disability so thus you are not easy to use tampons /sanitary napkins.

Sometimes this is also used to support certain activities (such as for your honeymoon, wedding, vacation, or for your important exam, etc).

Is there any drawback? One of the most common answers is breakthrough bleeding. It is a kind of spotting /bleeding that occur between periods. Many women usually experience it during the first few months. But over time, it usually will decrease gradually.

Furthermore, it’s not easy to get to know whether you are pregnant or not – another drawback! If you experience some pregnancy symptoms when you are on the pills, take a home pregnancy test!

Is it safe? Unfortunately, it is not recommended for all women, especially those with certain health conditions. Consult first with a doctor before making your decision!

Can you use traditional birth control pills to delay your period? Yes, it’s quite common to use them to delay menstruation. In such case, your doctor may ask you to skip your inactive pills (placebo pills). And this may work best with other prescribed pills, such as monophasic pills.

Talk with your doctor for more guidance!


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