Diet for Chemo Patients with Colon Cancer

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  1. Ask your doctor whether high calorie drinks can help. This is particularly recommended if you do believe that it will be easier than eating.
  2. A few hours before taking your chemo, it’s better to take a small meal – but not just before!
  3. For children with chemo, avoid their favorite foods when having their chemo so thus they don’t associate these foods with treatment.
  4. And always keep hydrated!

Indigestion or heartburn

Some chemo medicines tend to make you have indigestion. Some may also lead to heartburn, a condition characterized by a burning sensation in the chest (lower chest) that occurs due to the back flow of stomach acid and food from the stomach to esophagus (the food pipe)!

Some medicines are available for coping. Your diet can help, too. The following are some helpful tips:

  1. Restrict any caffeinated beverages! Caffeine can make your indigestion and heartburn get worse!
  2. Keep on your well-balanced diet and maintain your healthy weight!
  3. Avoid eating a few hours (2-3 hours) before your bedtime!
  4. Restrict foods rich in fats, including deep fried foods!
  5. Other foods that can worsen the problem include mints, citrus fruits, and alcohol!
  6. Slightly raise the head of your bed when lying down /sleeping! This can help reduce the chance of the back flow of stomach acid.
  7. And avoid smoking, including for the second-hand smoke!

There are also some particular instructions you need to follow in your diet when taking chemo after surgery for colon cancer, see more in here!

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